laptop stand vs cooling pad

Laptop Stand vs Cooling Pad


Laptop accessories are made for us to get a better experience while we work on our laptop systems.

They are an affordable solution to easily resolve certain system issues.

Sometimes multiple accessories can solve an issue.

Heat-related problems, for instance, are common with laptops and can be managed by either a cooling pad or a laptop stand, but does this mean they are interchangeable? 

Please keep reading to see how we compare laptop stand vs cooling pad. 

Laptop Stand

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Laptops are now being modified in terms of portability, speed, and efficiency, but so little has changed when it comes to their structure.

You will notice that laptops still retain their form factor over the years, and there has not been any significant restructuring to the shapes of these systems.

This implies that the same ergonomic issues associated with old laptops still lie with the recent generation laptops. 

Fortunately, some laptop manufacturers have been able to design accessories that can help solve this problem.

Now one of the most vital accessories you should own concerning laptop ergonomics is a laptop stand.

Laptop stands are made with simple designs, but it has many benefits that can help improve laptop ergonomics.

One of the top benefits of owning a laptop stand is that it adjusts your laptop screen to your eye level, a more comfortable position, especially if you work on your laptop for long hours.

It will help prevent neck or back pain due to the constant down look on your laptop screen.

You also don’t have to struggle with body stiffness of any sort. 

It’s no news that a great deal of stress rests on the forward bending position of the neck, and when the neck is 15 degrees bent in that position, it has to support a higher head weight, which goes higher as the neck angle increases.

This pressure on the neck is the cause of neck and back pain; the laptop stands to act as a remedy by placing you in a convenient position while you work. 

Laptop Cooling Pad

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Cooling pads or cooler pads help reduce the operating temperature of overheating laptop systems by providing better airflow and air pressure on these systems.

They rest underneath the system.

Some laptop coolers are also designed to protect you from dealing with heat discomfort.

A cooler pad can be active or passive. 

Active cooling pads use fans powered by adapters or USB port connections to generate more airflow to the laptop.

This effectively transfers heat away from your system to the atmosphere.

These coolers can either draw heat from the system or blow air into the system to dissipate heat.

The Havit HV-F2056 and Coolertek USB Powered Laptop Cooler are examples of this pad.

Passive coolers are quite different from active coolers, but they have the same function.

This cooling pad does not require any power supply source, and instead of fans, they use an organic salt compound to keep your laptop at a cool temperature.

A passive cooling pad can work for more than six hours at optimum performance, but it’s advisable to not use this pad with laptops whose fan vents are at the bottom.

Manufacturers have made several modifications to laptop cooling pads, which have produced multipurpose coolers.

There are now available cooling pads with memory card slots, phone compartments, key drives, and hard disk drives.

This multipurpose cooling pad also has a writing or book compartment to suit more of your needs.

However, they aren’t much of a lightweight. 

Similarities between Laptop Stand and Cooling Pad

A common similarity between these two accessories is their ergonomic designs that offer adjustable height settings.

You can easily adjust your laptop stand or cooling pad to a much more comfortable position.

The adjustability feature makes them ergonomic, which is highly beneficial to any laptop user who works extensively on their laptops.

With laptop stands and some cooling pads, you will be able to use your laptop on the bed, couch, office, or even in the park; restrictions are now eliminated. 

Another similar function is their ability to prevent overheating and improve laptop performance.

Overheating can damage hardware parts and make your laptop dysfunctional.

They help keep your laptop system cool and running at optimal performance and temperature; this helps your laptop have a longer lifespan, increasing its durability. 

Nowadays, some stands are made with USB-powered cooling fans and vents to help give excellent airflow in and out of your system.

The ones without cooling fans are designed with cutouts under the stands for better air circulation around your laptop to reduce the chances of overheating.

Laptop Stand vs Cooling Pad Differences

These laptop accessories seem to offer almost the same functions but still have slight differences that make them unique. 

Laptop StandCooling Pad
You can work with hardware-intensive applications on a cooling pad for a long period, even with a damaged inbuilt fan. Cooling pads are designed with either fans or organic salt compounds to dissipate the heat from the laptop, and they are more effective in cooling than the laptop stands.
If you have a faulty built-in cooling fan, you can’t run your system with only a laptop stand, especially for a gaming laptop.Laptop stands are made to fit all laptop sizes. 
Helps to cool laptop users. Cooling pads are designed to fit a range of laptop sizes.
They can be used anywhere and on any surface.Only a few laptop coolers are made to be used anywhere and on any surface. 
The latest laptop stands come with few added features, like a phone or book compartment.Modern laptop cooling pads feature lots of compartments, extra USB ports, hard disk drives, card slots, key drives, phone or gadget compartments, and lots more.
It doesn’t have any cooling effect on laptop users. Helps to cool laptop users also. 


Is a cooling pad bad for laptops?

No, cooling pads are certainly not bad for laptops. The pad does blow air into your laptop system or suck out hot air from the system; either way, it only helps to dissipate heat. Note that laptop cooling pads were made to assist inbuilt cooling fans that cannot effectively maintain an optimum temperature in the system.

Is a laptop cooling pad necessary?

Laptop coolers are most necessary when your laptop always gets too hot while you work or when you have a habit of always placing your system on your lap or the bed to work, which can block your laptop’s air vent. These situations demand the use of a laptop cooling pad to eliminate these limitations.

Are laptop stands worth it?

The primary advantage of having a laptop stand is that it helps bring your laptop to your eye level. It’s always difficult to use laptops for a long time while looking down. Most times, it causes back or neck pains and sometimes stiffness. Using a laptop stand would help prevent such discomfort.

Is the laptop stand bad?

A laptop will help you work faster and better on your laptop system. It is not bad or dangerous in any way, neither to you nor your system. It has health benefits and enhances laptop performance.

Are laptop stands good for posture?

Individuals who use laptops for most of their work activities would appreciate the benefits of a laptop stand, as it helps to maintain good body posture while you work on the system. It also lowers the risk of body pains due to its ergonomic design.


It is imperative you get the right information about your devices and their accessories to optimize their functions.

For any clarifications between the laptop stand vs cooling pad, don’t hesitate to inform us.

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