Why Isn’t My Chromebook Turning On 2024


Is your Chromebook giving you issues by refusing to come on? There are a couple of reasons why you are experiencing this Chromebook setback.

Your device might power off immediately after you put it on, or a black screen show. 

The system may even boot into the Chrome OS but logging in to your account proved abortive.

Whatever the situation report is, the endpoint is that you have important projects to attend to on your Chromebook, but you are paralyzed and can’t do anything at that point.

Operating a Chromebook isn’t so much of a big deal, but it can be frustrating at some point due to the little option available in the modification of its OS.

However, relax! This is why we have compiled this article specifically for you.

Here are some reasons responsible for this challenge and solutions that cover each reason.

Reasons Why Your Chromebook Isn’t Coming On

  • The presence of an external hardware interference
  • Issue with the operating system
  • Battery charger problem
  • Faulty internal hardware

What to Do When Your Chromebook Isn’t Turning On

Make Sure Your Chromebook Is Charging

To confirm whether your Chromebook is charging, watch out for a small LED light located near your charger’s charging port and whether it is connected.

It is usually in an orange light or solid blue.

This is the signal that your Chromebook is charging.

If you do not see this and there is no light coming on, ensure you fix the charging port and the charger by adjusting it till the light comes on.

If after much readjustment, the light doesn’t come on, this is an indication that either the charging port of your Chromebook, the internal battery, or the charger has issues.

It is highly recommended that you take it to professionals for repair. You can first try using another charger.

After ensuring that your Chromebook is charging, leave it for about three to five hours before turning it on again.

Do a Hard Restart

If your screen comes on and you have a blank screen. Hold the REFRESH + POWER key down at the same time.

This will help you automatically restart your Chromebook.

Disconnect All USB Devices Connected To the Chromebook Device

Remove all plugged devices that are in the form of USB ports.

This is because external hardware can also tamper with the booting and processing of your Chromebook.

Checking these devices and rebooting your Chromebook can make your Chromebook come on.

Login As another User

Sync issues between your Google account and your Chromebook can potentially cause your Chromebook not to come on.

This is because this sync issue can’t prevent you from being able to log in even if the OS of your Chrome boots up.

To solve this issue, log in as a guest or log in with another existing account.

You can also create a new user account to log in to your Chromebook.

Remove All Applications from Google Chrome

Remove all Google Chrome extensions, updates, and recently installed applications. You should do this, especially if your Chromebook keeps crashing constantly.

Update Your Operating System

If you do not update your Chrome OS once a new update is on, it can affect your Chromebook coming on.

If you notice your Chromebook turns on and keeps crashing after a while, there is a possibility that this might be the issue.

Change the Internal Battery

It is highly recommended that you take your Chromebook to a professional to fix this.

You should only do this if you are knowledgeable about the internal hardware of your Chromebook.

It requires you to unscrew the cover of your Chromebook and change the battery to a new one.

Note that the warranty of your Chromebook will be forfeited once it has been opened.

Restore Factory Settings

If your Chromebook isn’t working, you can also restore it to the initial factory setting.

You can do this by using your Chrome browser to access your Chromebook settings.

On the browser, your Chromebook has a menu setting usually represented by three vertical dots located at the top right-hand corner.

After clicking on this menu setting, select SETTING.

Click on ADVANCED by scrolling down. Scroll down till you see the POWERWASH option.

Click the POWERWASH button and follow all instructions that follow afterward.

Contact the Manufacturer

This should be your last resort once you have tried out the other available options listed above.

This is a great idea, especially if you still have a warranty deal on the Chromebook.

This warranty deal enables you to have the device serviced and repaired at no cost.

If you do not have a warranty deal on the device or the warranty period is over, you will be required to pay a token to have it repaired.


Your Chromebook not coming on when you are in dire need of it can get you worried, but it isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm.

With the points we have gathered for you, you will find it easy to maneuver your way over this situation. 

However, we would highly recommend that you update the software of your Chromebook from time to time, especially when you realize that a new system has been updated.

Also, before you do any factory reset or contact the device manufacturer, ensure that you’ve exhausted other fix measures.

We can’t wait to hear about how our tips worked for you.

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