Chromebook USB Mouse Not Working: How to Fix


We are going to go through the Chromebook USB mouse, the problem of the USB mouse not working on the Chromebook, and how to solve it.

A lot of people purchase Chromebooks from Amazon and when they get their Chromebook, they also find that their USB mouse doesn’t work on their Chromebook.

As we all know, there are many reasons for this problem.

How to fix the USB mouse issue on a Chromebook

No OTG support

The USB mouse does not work on Chromebooks because Google designed them with no support for OTG (On The Go) functionality.

This means that the Chromebook doesn’t have any support for connecting USB devices via OTG. No OTG cables or adapters are included in the box and you need to buy them separately.

So, what does this mean? Google didn’t consider how their users would use USB devices on their Chromebooks. Why it is so hard to persuade them to change their mind?

I hoped that my article would help disseminate my knowledge while also assisting you in resolving this issue by providing a solution.

What is OTG?

OTG is the initial of ON THE GO, which means that it refers to a cable that has 2 ends, one male and one female. It enables the connection of USB storage devices and USB peripherals to a host device.

This way the device on the other end becomes a host of its own.

So, you can use an OTG adapter to connect micro USB hard drives and flash drives to your Android device USB port or PC as if they were connected directly to your computer.

Many people are not aware that the Chromebook’s USB ports only detect the following devices:

  • USB drives
  • Cameras (if they come with a storage card)
  • Mice and keyboards with a wired USB connection. 

A wireless mouse or keyboard won’t work if it doesn’t have a wired connection. If you have any of the included devices plugged into your Chromebook, you’re ready to do whatever you need!

If your device does not have a wire connected to it, chances are that ChromeOS has set up an “accessory” category on the device, which would require an extra driver or software download for the device’s functions to be recognized by ChromeOS.

Not all devices have drivers or software for them, so there is a chance that the device will not work at all (or worse).

The best way to see if any of your devices are operational is to plug them into another device and carefully listen for the sound of activity.

If a device does not work properly, simply unplug it from the Chromebook’s port.

If they do work, then you can proceed with connecting those devices and using them on your Chromebook. You will find the list below:

Mice with a wired USB connection

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How would you utilize a remote mouse on a Chromebook?

Associate your Chromebook remote mouse utilizing USB. Most remote mice associate with a PC through a collector that plugs into a USB port, which gets the remote sign from the mouse and converts it into a USB signal that the PC can comprehend. The Chromebook works with most remote USB RF mice.

For what reason is my Chromebook mouse not functioning well?

If the mouse does not work on more than one PC, it is insufficient and should be changed. Assuming you are utilizing a wired mouse, check the mouse link. Supposing the wire is to some degree cut or frayed, this is no doubt the reason for the mouse breakdown.

Would a mouse be able to be utilized with this Chromebook?

You can use a mouse or console with your Chromebook without much difficulty via USB or Bluetooth. Some of the time when you get a help call, you need to post and work for a long time before the PC. Utilizing a little console and trackpad for quite a long time can make working with portable PCs a piece troublesome.


If your touchpad or mouse quit chipping away at ChromeOS, check on the off chance that your mouse is without a doubt the guilty party. Associate it to an alternate machine and check if you’re encountering similar issues.

Also, disengage all peripherals and reset your Chromebook equipment. Have a go at utilizing an alternate client profile or peruse as a visitor.

We trust this will assist you with making your Chromebook more valuable.

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