Where is the Microphone on a Dell Laptop?


Dell notebook computers are designed with inbuilt microphones.

These microphones must be able to be used with other sound programs like voice-over IP software, sound recorders, or Windows speech recognition.

This is quite different on a Dell laptop or Dell desktop. They do not have a built-in microphone.

If they do not have an inbuilt microphone, how then do they function with a microphone? Where is the microphone on a Dell laptop?

Fret not! We have all these answers, including solutions to other questions about Dell desktops that might be confusing to a Dell user.

We have compiled this article together to help provide the necessary information you will need about Dell and the microphones on Dell laptops. Keep reading!

Where is the microphone on a Dell laptop?

The microphone of your Dell device is usually at the top of the screen. This is close to the location of the webcam; most times it is near to it.

Some Dell models have their laptop keyboard display a microphone option.

If you haven’t found the microphone yet, check your device’s audio port or microphone on all bezels and edges.

Do Dell laptops come with a microphone?

Dell laptops do not have a built-in microphone; they only feature a microphone jack that allows you to connect an external microphone.

In instances where the connected microphone does not work, it is either the device has been set to low volume sensitivity or the device may have been disabled.

How to know if your Dell computer has a microphone

Go over to the sound menu and click on the input tab. If your device has either an external or an internal microphone, it will be shown in the middle section.

If your device has an embedded webcam that is next to the microphone, you will likely find integrated microphones which are usually located at the top of the display. 

You can also take a look at the body of the laptop, especially at the edges. Some devices have an internal microphone that is located just above the keyboard while some are located below the hinge.

How to use a Dell computer microphone: Microphone Pre-Set Up Process

Step 1

Beforehand, you must have an external microphone.

Also, locate the microphone jack of your Dell computer because this is where you will have your external microphone attached.

This is usually located at the back of your Dell laptop. It is labeled with the word “mic” or signified with the microphone icon for easy identification.

Go ahead and attach the external microphone to the microphone jack of your computer.

In the case of a Dell notebook, the microphone jack of your computer is usually located at the side.

Dell notebooks have a built-in microphone. As for the location of where the microphone jack is, and to confirm other features of your Dell desktop, always refer to your computer manual.

This is because there are different variations in the computer design of Dell products.

You can use this manual to also confirm whether your laptop has a built-in microphone or not. You do not need any additional software or code.

Step 2

Spot the white speaker icon with your mouse on the taskbar of Windows 7. It is usually around the system clock.

Right-click this white speaker icon and click on “recording devices”.

Step 3

In the list of recording devices, spot the microphone option and right-click the “microphone” option.

Verify that there is no checkmark next to the “disable” option. If you find one, click on the “disable” option to remove it.

Step 4

Click on “properties” by going to the lower right of your window area or by right-clicking to access all the right-click menus.

Step 5

Verify the speaker icon close to “microphone” by clicking on the “levels” tab. If there is no red circle in front of it, it means that it is muted.

Hence, you should click the icon to unmute it. Once unmuted, the icon will change to a speaker.

Step 6

It increases the sensitivity of the microphone. Simultaneously click and drag the microphone adjustment slider to the right.

If you want to reduce the sensitivity, you will have to drag to the left.

Keep playing around with these options to know more about your Dell model till you get your best result.

Once you have gotten your final result, click on “Apply” and “OK” to complete this setting.

Once you put in any program that requires a sound input, your microphone will appropriately work with it after this last setup.

Did you find that easy? Let us know in the comment section!

However, we are just halfway into the process. The next thing to do now is to learn how to use the microphone.

These simple steps below will guide you through.

Using your microphone

Step 1

The instructions you are to follow here depend on the instructions of the program you want to use the microphone for. Open the program and set it to receive voice input.

Step 2

Look for the microphone option. If you are having a hard fine finding your way around this, check the manual that comes with your device to see the location of the built-in microphone.

Step 3

Stay a few meters away from the microphone and talk clearly into it.

The needed distance depends on the sensitivity settings and the microphone. You will have to keep trying this out until you get a result that you love.

These are super simple steps for you to set up and use your microphone. We have simplified these steps for you to get a perfect hold of it in your first trial.

However, because you are trying this freshly, you might not get this on your first attempt. It’s no big deal.

All we recommend is that you carefully go through these steps again. With time, after multiple uses, you will get used to it.


At this point, we are sure that we have been able to clear most of your doubts and questions about Dell, especially the “Where is the microphone on a Dell laptop” question.

Most models of Dell desktops do not come with a microphone, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use microphones with them.

With our listed tips and points above, you will find it easy not only to detect whether your Dell laptop has a microphone but also to know how to use this microphone to get your desired results.

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