best gaming laptops under 300

7 Best Gaming Laptops Under 300 in 2024


It can be pretty challenging to find cheap quality gaming laptops in the market, especially under 300, as most are tagged at a high price.

But if you don’t have a huge budget, you shouldn’t be forced to spend more than you can afford on getting a good gaming laptop.

You can still own a quality laptop on a low budget with the proper search.

If $300 is your budget and you plan on going to the store to get a new gaming laptop, here is a guide that will help you choose the best under that price and according to your needs.

We’ve also highlighted a few best gaming laptops under 300 to make your search easier.

Best gaming laptop under 300

1. HP Stream 14-inch HD Touchscreen Laptop, Windows 10 Home in S Mode with Office 365 Personal

HP Stream 14-inch HD Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, Windows 10 Home in S Mode With Office 365 Personal For 1 Year (14-cb191nr, Royal Blue)

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The Intel HP Stream laptop is one of the most affordable and standard gaming laptops that any gamer with a low budget can afford.

You can comfortably use this laptop while in school, at work, or even in the playground. This device combines connectivity and functionality and includes value and style.

HP’s nimble system delivers the important productivity and entertainment you need to get really comfortable in your home and school without slowing you down in any way.

Of course, you get full access to all Microsoft packages, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a 1TD OneDrive allocated storage.

The 14-inch diagonal HD BrightView is just simply remarkable.

It has a thin, light, and bold design and can guarantee a battery life of up to 14 hours when watching videos with no connectivity, but wireless streaming can run up to 12 hours.

Top-class portability, powerful Wi-Fi antenna, and powerful performance.

  • All software is already programmed into it; there’s no need to download anything
  • Excellent quality for a low price
  • Super quick to set up
  • Fantastic design works smoothly
  • Cool keyboard and long battery life
  • Extremely portable
  • Perfect for work and school
  • Hard drive storage should be increased

2. Acer Chromebook 315 Laptop Computer 15.6″ HD Display Intel Celeron N4000 Processor

2021 Acer Chromebook 315 Laptop Computer 15.6” HD Display Intel Celeron N4000 Processor(Up to 2.6GHz) 4GB RAM 32GB eMMC Webcam BT USB Type C Chrome OS + TiTac Accessory

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Acer Chromebook is an N4000 Intel Celeron processor with a dual-core ultra-low-voltage platform.

It has a two-way processing ability that provides maximum efficiency power for users to get the best performance.

With plenty of high bandwidth and about 4GB RAM, your games get to run smoothly on your laptop, as well as several programs and processes. 

The inbuilt ultra-compact memory system is perfect for applications and mobile devices.

It provides an enhanced storage capability, fast boot-up times, streamlined data management, and support for a high-definition screenplay. 

Its anti-glare energy LED screen, 15.6” comfortable viewing display, and UHD graphics with shared video memory let you get the best streaming time possible.

It also provides solid image quality for gaming, photo editing, and internet use. To top it off, this system is being made with a three-cell lithium battery that can give you up to 13 hours of battery life. 

  • Portability is sure 
  • Quick charging, and it has a USB-C port
  • Simple to use and great quality
  • Great product
  • Long-lasting battery
  • One of the few Chromebooks with a large screen
  • This does not have the best speakers, but they are still loud
  • Fair-quality screen

3. ASUS Laptop L510 Ultra Thin Laptop, 15.6″ FHD Display Windows 11 Home

ASUS Laptop L510 Ultra Thin Laptop, 15.6” FHD Display, Intel Celeron N4020 Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Windows 11 Home in S Mode, 1 Year Microsoft 365, Star Black, L510MA-DS02

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Flexibility and efficiency are essential when going for a gaming laptop if you need a quality performance while playing your games.

The ASUS lets you have exactly what you want to need in a gaming system.

This ASUS gaming laptop has a powerful Intel Celeron N4020 processor with 2.6 GHz and a 4M cache.

ASUS designed this system with a 15.6-inch thin-bezel NanoEdge display, 128GB flash storage, and 4GB DDR4 RAM to give a solid gaming experience.

You shouldn’t have any hiccups while showing off with your favorite games. Portability isn’t an issue; you will get a super portable laptop you can easily stroll around with.

Productivity is always within reach with its fantastic design. You can easily slip this system into a backpack and create your content anywhere you desire.

This laptop makes it easy to share content and collaborate with friends.

With an ASUS fan-less gaming laptop, you don’t need to take your power adapter around. Also, it gives you an all-day-long battery life.

This system can also be upgraded to Windows 11 when it’s out. If you are the type that moves around a lot, this is for you.

  • It doesn’t make a sound
  • Lit keyboard and quiet solid-state memory
  • Long battery life
  • Large screen size
  • Perfectly good computer
  • Expandable solid-state drive
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Powerful laptop with a large clear screen
  • You cannot install additional RAM, although it is upgradeable
  • You need an SD card reader to view files on your SD card

4. Blackview Light Laptop

People who value the importance of portability when going for a gaming laptop need to look at the Blackview Acebook lightweight laptop.

This system has an ultra-thin design made of a quality aluminum alloy, which brings down the system’s weight to about 2.9 pounds with a thickness of 0.67 inches.

With the thin and compact laptop, you can work anywhere with your laptop. 

The Blackview laptop is equipped with the Intel Celeron N4120 CPU, 2.6Hz frequency, Intel UHD Graphics, four threads and cores, and 4MB cache.

It delivers more unmatched intelligence and speed than you’ve ever experienced, enabling impressive productivity, creation, and experience. 

Its 1920 X 1080 resolution gives a unique color and clear display and delivers authentic images with a high refresh rate, so you will see every frame of what you are editing.

Energy-saving LED backlight supports dual channels and runs your games and editing software smoothly, including multiple browser tabs and applications simultaneously. 

You also get to enjoy a massive SSD ROM that provides a massive storage allocation for large files. The powerful diversified connectivity isn’t left out, and it is also compatible with Type C data cables.

The touchpad area is smooth and has accurate control due to its palm recognition technology that supports multiple finger movements. 

  • It is capable of being upgraded to Windows 11
  • Quality laptop at a great price
  • Unbelievably lightweight and compact
  • The laptop is very large but not very bulky
  • No loud fan noise
  • Battery life is off the charts
  • Good investment
  • Positive sound performance
  • High storage space
  • The S model isn’t permanent

5. BMAX 14 Laptop

Bmax 14' Laptop 8GB RAM 256GB SSD, Intel Celeron N4100 Quad Core Processor

This BMX’s newest upgraded Celeron N4100 system supports up to 2.4GHz in burst mode.

It features a sizeable solid-state drive of 256GB and 8 BG high-bandwidth LPDDR4 RAM for super-fast and sharp operation.

You can enlarge your storage capacity by utilizing the built-in SSD slot or SD card reader. 

BMX FHD display offers stunning graphics and resolution visuals with unique color reproduction and IPS technology, including HD graphics.

This provides a good experience for your smoothly streaming videos and web browsing. 

Its elegant slim design makes it an optimum portable computer.

This system also has a full-sized keyboard with a narrow bezel to improve your typing experience and make your games easier to play, and it supports multi-touch operations.

The built-in low power consumption and packages let you tackle your various tasks. 

The BMX laptop computer is compatible with the latest wireless connectivity, providing a smooth operation and stable multitasking experience.

You are getting so much at a moderate price with the BMX system. 

  • Simple to start up
  • Quality laptop
  • Good battery life
  • Stunning visuals
  • Upgrade options
  • Fast and responsive
  • Good value
  • No USB C port, but at least you get two USB 3.0 ports 

6. ASUS VivoBook Ultra-Thin Laptop 64GB eMMC 11.6″ HD USB-C Windows 10

ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000 Processor, 4GB LPDDR4, 64GB eMMC, 11.6” HD, USB-C, Windows 10 in S Mode (Switchable to Pro), L203MA-DS04, One Year of Microsoft Office 365

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The ASUS VivoBook is another system ideal for persons who are most times on the move; it offers effortless mobility, perfect for taking to any location.

This laptop system is designed to help you attain the best productivity all day long.

It is built with a lightweight and compact design, and the recent Intel processor powers the system and provides a long-lasting battery life.

The emmC and preloaded Windows 10 provide full compatibility with an extensive range of peripherals and software to play your best games on your system.

The USB 3.0 or Type C transfer speed is rated based on several factors, including the processor speed, file attributes, and other related factors to the system configuration and environment. 

Also, its Wi-Fi 5 system speeds up to three times quicker than 802.11n, and it is compatible with Google Classroom, and the SD, USB, and HDMI connectivity is off the hook, although transfer speeds may vary. 

  • Small and lightweight
  • Quick responsive trackpad
  • Very Portable
  • Easily upgradable
  • Quality low-budget laptop
  • Works well
  • Perfect for only casual laptop users

7. BiTECOOL 2022 Windows 10 Pro 128GB SSD Laptop with Long Lasting Battery

BiTECOOL Windows 10 Pro Laptop, 14 inches HD Clear Display Pc Laptops, with Intel Celeron J4005 Dual Core, 6GB LPDDR4 and 128GB SSD, 2.4G WiFi, BT4.0 and Long Lasting Battery, Mic

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BiTECOOL has developed a powerful Intel Dual Core laptop system that suits every gamer’s needs.

It is run by the 10th gen Intel Gemini Celeron, a burst frequency of up to 2.7GHz, and in-built Intel Graphics that support a 4k display. 

With its installed 6GB system memory and 120GB solid-state drive, the system has enough space to run your gaming applications smoothly and also run other programs without any hesitation. 

A remarkable fact is that you expand the drive to up to 1 TB, satisfying most gamers and non-gamers requirements.

It also got a Single Band 2.4G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for a good wireless connection. 

Get ready to use your familiar Windows 10 operating system and enjoy a high-definition display via your 14-inch screen.

Its inbuilt multiport allocation allows you to meet all your needs, and of course, it is a slim and lightweight computer, portable to carry around. 

  • Extensive storage and memory space
  • Power Intel Dual Core laptop
  • Super slim and lightweight computer
  • Speed is good
  • Worth more than the price
  • Very attractive laptop
  • Excellent display and overall good features
  • Good performance
  • The touchpad is a little tough to use
  • Speakers are not so loud but perfect with wired or wireless headphones

How to Get the Best Gaming Laptop under $300

Now we’ve informed you of the available best gaming laptops you can buy under $300 in any store.

Continue reading to learn more about the technical features that are vital in a gaming system.

This will help you know precisely the features to work out for when you decide to buy a gaming laptop, so you get one that best matches your needs. 

Graphics Card

GPU or graphics card is part of the elements you cannot overlook when selecting a gaming laptop.

When your system has a sound graphics card, it helps you see every image on your screen with no delay, and this is a really tough process when talking about playing games due to the many actions all happening simultaneously.

A system using a powerful graphics card will improve your gameplay and gaming experience. 


Most affordable laptops are made with solid-state drives (SSDs) and a hard drive, but others come with a hard drive or SSD memory.

If your SSD in your gaming laptop is less than 128 GB, then it’s more likely you will have an increased game load duration. 

This also applies to your RAM, you need to consider if the storage on the laptop is upgradeable, so you will be able to increase the storage later to improve your gameplay and processing speed. 


Gaming takes up a lot of battery power compared to other processes, so you will have to consider the battery capacity of the laptop you are about to get.

The battery life of your gaming system has to be high enough for you to enjoy quality game time without plugging it into an AC source. 

Unfortunately, this is a problem with cheap laptops, as some come with low battery life.

However, some others are still within the same price range that can last for long hours. 


A processor is part of the critical components in a laptop system, especially when dealing with gaming laptops.

This is because it affects every aspect of your games, not just the graphics quality. 

The processor deals with your system’s total performance, which will increase or reduce your gaming experience level.

Your games’ level of quality and experience has a lot to do with the processor more than you think.

It can be quite challenging to buy a system under $300 with advanced processors found in higher-priced laptops.

It’s best to have a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor or a higher grade for playing intensive games. 

But you can find something that works, even with a low budget. An Intel Core i3 laptop can still get you the fun you need.

You can also check for systems with a dual-core processor. You might find one within that budget, as it will boost the functionality of your CPU, so you have a smooth game. 


All gamers would love to have a wide range of connectivity options within their reach as it allows them to connect extra monitors or other devices; keyboards, game controllers, etc.

You have to think of the devices you will want to use while playing your games, and make sure you look to buy a laptop that can accommodate that connectivity.

Some gamers prefer using gamepads instead of keyboards, so in that case, you will have to know if the gamepad connects through USB or wirelessly and check if the laptop can connect to the device. 

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is also a vital aspect of improving your gaming experience significantly.

If you love playing in full HD mode, you want to have a laptop designed with at least 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

You should not ignore the size of your laptop’s display.

Using a computer with a small screen makes it difficult for you to see every detail in your game, and that’s not fun. The system should be about 14 inches or higher. 


Computers priced under $300 mostly come with 4 GB RAM, but you can find some with about 8GB.

You should be able to play your games comfortably with a 4GB RAM system, but you might experience some slight issues like lagging when you begin to run heavier applications. 

On that note, it’s recommended that you use a laptop with 8GB RAM for you to enjoy your games. You also have to consider if the laptop you are getting lets you upgrade your RAM.

If it does, you can always change to a larger size, later on, so you don’t have to spend so much going for a higher-grade laptop. 


What is the best gaming laptop under $300?

Acer Chromebook Laptop, ASUS VivoBook, HP Intel 14-inch Laptop, BMAX Laptop Computer, and ASUS Ultra-Thin Laptop are among the best gaming laptops you can find anywhere under 300 dollars. They all have a display, a high resolution, sound processors, not less than 4GB RAM, and guarantee the maximum power needed for users to enjoy a perfect game time. You can also take this system wherever you go, as they are built with an awesome portable design.

Is i5 good for gaming?

While searching through stores for perfect processors for gaming, the Core i5 and Core i7 systems are distinct with superb performance. You can buy a Corei5 laptop at a lesser price range than a Core i7 system, but the Core i7 will undoubtedly give a higher performance while you multitask. If you play hardware-intensive games, then you might want to consider putting in an extra few bucks to get a Core i7 system.

Are ASUS laptops good?

Asus laptops are solid and durable; they are listed among the best laptop systems in the world. Asus is a well-known brand with a broad market presence in laptop production. Their remarkable and standard innovations, like the Asus dual-screen laptop and their well-priced notebooks and other devices, keep them at a high rank in the industry. Yes, Asus laptops are good.

Are $300 gaming laptops good enough for daily use?

You can use gaming laptops for under $300 for your daily activities. Just because they are below $300 doesn’t make them low quality. You can comfortably use these systems to run your basic tasks like typing, research, and web browsing in the office or school. Most of these laptops offer a high battery life to keep your system active even without plugging it in for a while. Playing your games on them is also exciting.

What should I expect from a gaming laptop under $300?

For gaming laptops, $300 is a tight budget to get the specs you want, you might have to let go of some minor features, and they might not be able to run intensive gaming software. Top-quality gaming laptops are usually priced at a much higher price. Although gaming laptops under $300 can still accommodate some games. They are best for casual gamers.


All the highlighted gaming laptops above can give you smooth gameplay of less intensive games without you having you break the bank.

They come with impressive specifications and features enough to give you the satisfaction you need while you work or play.

If you intend to go for other laptops outside these, ensure you take note of our guide to help you get the right selection.

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