how to fix black spots on laptop screen

How to fix Black Spots on laptop screen


The laptop has taken second place like a mobile phone in this 21st century and probably.

The first place for some whose phone is merged with their laptops; that is, they would do the majority of what they do with their smartphones on their laptop. 

The laptop system has become essential, circling our daily activities from work to presentations, classes, business, chat, and even to recreation, talking about catching up on movies or games.

The last thing you want to see is a black spot barricading a part of your laptop screen, providing some sort of dissatisfaction or imperfection.

This is quite a common issue that necessitates the need to know how to fix the black spot on a laptop screen. 

It is natural for devices to wear and tear due to constant use especially if you are not taking care of them appropriately, by allowing pressure on the screen, and not cleaning the fans from dust.

How to inspect dark spots on laptop screen

In a few steps, you can do this by holding down the key “D” simultaneously with the power button. It will immediately start with the BIST mode.

Then you should see several blinking colors on the screen which may include distortion or video problems. The system will restart itself after the test.

Causes and how to avoid black spots

It’s necessary to address the issue from the foundation to be able to deal holistically with the whole issue.

If you know the causes, fixing will then be understandable and you will also learn to avoid it some other time or prevent it from spreading.

New LCD screens are not produced with black spots.

Therefore whatever black dots we find on our screen are developed through manhandling and lack of maintenance.

The black dots on the screen usually look as though they are on the screen but are actually on the screen.

Dirt can get into the screen and stuck on it to form a black dot.

When they stay too long, they form into liquid crystals and settle on the screen.

LCD is made up of multiple pixels at a time which forms images on the laptop screen.

To display images, the pixel has to change its color.

When any of the pixels stop changing color or giving light, it is recognized as a dead pixel which causes a black spot on the screen. 

Second to the dead pixel is the stuck pixel which makes the pixel unable to change color but remain lit.

The color does not change which makes a black or any colored dot appear on your laptop screen.

The stuck pixel is most times mixed up with the dead pixel but they are different.

However, these defective pixels can all be fixed using the guides that we will provide shortly.

How to fix black spots on laptop screen

The first thing you need to do is to examine the cause of the black spot or spots, as several factors are responsible for black spots appearing on a laptop screen.

It can be a result of a fall, dirt accumulation, or other reasons.

Method 1

If it is a dirt problem, the first thing is to clean the dirt. You should clean the dirt from the outside of the screen with a glint and soft cloth.

This should be done carefully bearing in mind the delicacy of the screen.

When the black dot is visibly clear, you can then apply the pressure method.

You have to add a considerable amount of cleaning solution through spraying and a stylus pen with you in hand.

You should then apply pressure in the dot with a stable intensity but carefully. 

It will shift the dot from its place and by shifting the dot with the pen; it becomes easy to rub off from the screen.

This same method helps to activate a stuck pixel only to be very careful not to apply too much pressure that will damage the screen.

Method 2

Another good way is to use the pixel fixer program or app which can fix stuck pixels or dead pixels for you.

This program can also check the dot if it is caused by a stuck or dead pixel.

It then activates all the pixels gradually on your screen, bringing them alive after certain strikes.

It may take some time ranging from half an hour to an hour or an entire night depending on the size of the black dots.

If after trying the two techniques you are not getting the result, then it probably means your screen is broken.

You should reach out to an LCD manufacturer or a good repair person who can help in fixing the black spots completely on the computer or LCD screen.


How to fix BIG Black Dots on a laptop screen?

Black dots on the screen can be fixed in three major ways which is by cleaning with a glint and soft cloth through the pressure method, the pixel fixer program or app which can autorun a test to check for stuck or dead pixels, and through a repair person who knows about the repair of black dots on a laptop screen.

What software to Remove Black Spots on the laptop screen?

A pixel fixer program, Dead Pixel Buddy, and JscreenFix are all great tools designed to fix defective pixels on your laptop screen.

How do I easily remove LCD screen black spots?

You can easily remove your LCD screen’s blackspots through pixel fixer software programs or by applying pressure on the dot with a stylus pen to shift the dot from its position in other to rub off from the screen.

Is there a way to fix Black Dots and Stop them from spreading on my screen?

You have to take proper care of your laptop to allow a long stay of dirt on your screen. Most black dots or spots are usually formed from the outside of the screen through the dirt that has stayed on the screen for a long time. To avoid black dots you have to take proper cleaning of your system and fix any stuck or dead pixels on your laptop screen. To fix the black dots, you would need to consult an LCD manufacturer who has a handy knowledge of the screen or a repair person. You can also fix it yourself through software like Jscreen Fix, Pixel Fixer app, or the pressure method.

Why is there a Black Spot on my laptop’s screen?

Several reasons range from dirt or debris which can come from improper use and the angles of the laptop, a stuck pixel which means a pixel lightens up but is unable to change color, and a dead pixel which means a pixel does not lighten up and also does not change color.


Now we believe you know the cause and how black spots get on your laptop screen.

It is very important to be very careful when handling the issue of trying to fix the screen personally.

In case you still have difficulty finding your way around the repair process, do take it up to a repair person to better handle it for you.

Different ways of fixing the issue have however been provided.

If you do not have a black spot on your screen yet, pay close attention to the causes and avoid it.

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