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20 Best Laptop Accessories 2022

Almost everyone spends quality hours on their laptop between streaming videos, working, or surfing the net.

This means that there’s a small likelihood of minor accidents, like occasional spills, scratches, or falls, and you need to be comfortable to spend long hours.

This is why you need to have the best laptop accessories to completely protect your laptop from any form of damage and still keep you in the most comfortable spot.

These accessories can also increase system performance and create a flexible workspace. 

The accessories you need depend on how you operate your computer.

There are a lot of cool laptop accessories that are essential to help upgrade and protect your system. We’ve highlighted a few affordable best laptop accessories that are available in the market.

1. Laptop Case

Laptop cases are always amongst the top security accessories to get for your laptop. These cases help to protect laptop systems and also give them a stylish look. 

A laptop is a portable device, so you will most likely move it from place to place, and of course, you will want to make sure it’s safe.

Also, if your system holds sensitive information, you will need to shield it and provide storage and protection. A laptop case makes that possible. 

Best Laptop Case Recommendation – Casematix Elite Waterproof Laptop Case

CASEMATIX 17' Elite Custom Waterproof Laptop Case Compatible with Acer Predator Helios 300, Helios 500, Nitro 5 and More 15.6 inch & 17.3 inch Gaming Laptops with Accessories

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The Casematix waterproof case is made with a hard shell, shock-resistant composite plastic exterior that protects your laptops and accessories against drops and any light or heavy impacts.

Of course, you could toss your system in a soft messenger bag or backpack, but if you need all-around protection for your computer, then a Casematix hard case is the right choice.

Its interior surface is designed with a shock-absorbing foam, which has an egg-crate foam top and four flat middle layers that allow you to adjust the foam protection’s depth to fit the size of your laptop perfectly.

Due to its 100% waterproof protection, this laptop case defends your computer from water, dust, and moisture using an airtight design, premium sealing technology.

2. Laptop Bag

A convenient way to move your laptop around is by using a laptop bag, as it can be stressful always to hold the system in your hands while moving.

Instead of doing that, you can get a quality laptop bag that can accommodate your laptop size and offer protection to the system.

Modern laptop bags are now made with extra features including compartments to store your other gadgets and offer a security system.

Best Laptop Bag Recommendation – Tzowla Travel Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft

Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag with USB Charging Port and Lock 15.6 Inch Computer Business Backpacks for Women Men Gift,Casual Daypack

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The Tzowla travel backpack is a water-resistant, anti-theft bag with a USB charging port and lock, suitable for 14 or 15.6-inch laptop systems, and can be used for various purposes. 

This bag has two spacious compartments, and it also has a front compartment with many pen pockets, pockets, and key fob hook to organize your items and make them easier to locate properly. 

The distinguishing feature of this laptop is that it has an anti-theft design with a fixed password lock and durable metal zippers.

This provides sure protection for all the items inside this bag.


A USB hub is an extension for USB devices. It is connected to your laptop and lets your system accommodate more devices than the inbuilt ports permits.

You have the option of choosing multiple display modes to extend, collage or mirror your laptop screen, which will enable you to improve your experience.

A hub lets you connect more devices at a time. 

Best USB hub Recommendation – Giissmo Docking Station

USB C Docking Station Dual Monitor, 9-in-1 Laptop Docking Station for Windows, Dual HDMI, VGA, 3 USB, PD, TF/SD Hub Adapter for MacBook HP Dell Lenovo

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This is a 9-in-1 docking station, housing a VGA port, three USB 3.0 ports of up to 5Gbps, TF/ SD card slot, two 4k HDMI ports, and charging port with 7.87-inch cable length for wide connections, specifically designed for MacBook, other laptop models; including HP and DELL. 

You can stream your videos on your laptop screen directly from this station to a projector, external monitor, or high-definition television easily, which can have a positive impact on your working efficiency.

The USB-C Hub supports the mirroring and non-mirroring mode of the Mac system, and with the TF/SD card reader, you will be able to access your files in seconds.

4. Laptop Stand

Laptop stands will always be enlisted amongst the top valuable stands due to their relevance and benefits to old and modern systems, and with a standard laptop stand, you are doing a great deal of good for your laptop.

The stand’s design allows more space and airflow through your vents to enable the heat to get out and prevent your laptop from overheating.

Best Laptop Stand Recommendation – Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand

SOUNDANCE Laptop Stand, Aluminum Computer Riser, Ergonomic Laptops Elevator for Desk, Metal Holder Compatible with 10 to 15.6 Inches Notebook Computer, Gold

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The Soundance computer stand comprises thickened aluminum alloy, which makes the stand sturdier and not wobble. The top layer of the holder is coated with rubber that sticks tightly and ensures your system is stable on the stand.

This rubber also eliminates the chances of your laptop slipping off. Also, the stand is detachable and straightforward to use.

It is a slim, compact design that allows you to adjust your computer by 6 inches to get a comfortable height, which will prevent you from hunching over your screen, reducing the chances of neck, shoulder, or back pain.

5. Mouse Pad

Those with gaming laptops would understand the importance of a mouse pad in getting the right speed and accuracy of your player’s movements.

The right mouse pad can turn your basic desk into a modern gaming station or workspace.

It is usually made of superior neoprene cushioning, giving this pad the extra comfort you need to enjoy playing games all night. 

Best Mouse Pad Recommendation – Tilted Nation RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Large

Tilted Nation RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Large - LED Extended Mousepad Desk Mat with 8 Adjustable Light Modes - Computer Mouse and Keyboard Pad - Non Slip Rubber Base, Easy to Clean Water Proof Surface

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Unlike your traditional gaming mat that’s small in size, this pad is made at a higher inch and allows you to fit your keyboard and mouse easily.

Improve your gameplay with this silky-smooth mouse movement and precision.

The anti-skid padding secures your LED pad in its position, and it won’t fold up while you drive your mouse to any side. 

Tilted Nation designed this mouse with durable, waterproof neoprene material that can withstand vigorous mouse movements.

This ultra-smooth fabric enhances accurate cursor movement to take your gaming experience to the next level with utmost comfort. 

6. Lens Cover

A lens cover is essential to gain additional privacy and cyber security; you will be able to keep your computer’s inbuilt camera or webcam shut.

If you are scared someone might watch you through your camera, you need a cover that conveniently blocks your webcam’s lens to ensure your privacy is left unhampered.

Best Lens Cover Recommendation – Ienza Lens Privacy Cover 

ienza Lens Shutter Privacy Cover for Logitech C920 C930e c922x and Similar Webcams (Webcam Privacy Cover Only, Webcam not Included)

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IENZA Lens Shutter Privacy is compatible with most Logitech webcams, like Logitech C920 and C930e webcam and other popular webcams.

It is made with superior material to ensure durability and has a pretty simple design, making it easy to install on your system.

You can easily flip it open when you need to use your lens and close it when it isn’t in use.

If you aren’t familiar with this brand, Ienza is a registered trademark company, and its products are manufactured as alternatives to OEM parts.

7. Lap Desk

You should never limit the convenience of using a laptop, as laptop designs are meant for you to experience the utmost convenience.

Some users often prefer using their laptops on their laps while they lie on the bed or the couch, and this can block the system’s air vents, but a laptop lap desk allows you to do that conveniently without worrying about blocking your air vents and feeling the heat. 

With a laptop lap desk, you can work with your laptop on your lap anywhere at any time. 

Best Lap Desk Recommendation – AboveTEK Laptop Lap Desk

AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk w/Retractable Left/Right Mouse Pad Tray, Non-Slip Heat Shield Tablet Notebook Computer Stand Table w/Sturdy Stable Work Surface for Bed Sofa Couch or Travel

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It is built with an anti-slip surface that provides a strong grip on your laptop and a double rubber strip on the bottom to boost the grip on your lap for a more stable and comfortable typing experience on the bed or couch.

AboveTEK laptop lap desk is a durable material with the right thickness that stops your laptop from overheating when used as a laptop table in your school, office, home, and travels.

It also prevents your body from feeling the heat from your system.

Its lightweight feature makes it even more convenient to carry around. This desk can transform your pc into a mobile station anywhere.

8. Sleeve

Getting a laptop sleeve is a quality option to protect your laptop when you’re on the move. A laptop sleeve can protect your system from bumps, water, dust, and scratches in everyday use.

It is a simple and effective way to protect your system without carrying a big laptop bag.

Once your laptop fits into the sleeve, you can easily put it into another bag, so no need for two bags.

If you carry your laptop frequently in either your bag or briefcase, then it is necessary you get a laptop sleeve to avoid any scratches.

Best Sleeve Recommendation – Arvok Laptop Sleeve

ARVOK 15-16 Inch Laptop Sleeve Multi-Color & Size Choices Case/Water-Resistant Neoprene Notebook Computer Pocket Tablet Briefcase Carrying Bag/Pouch Skin Cover for HP/Dell/Lenovo/Asus/Acer, Black

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This Arvok laptop sleeve is made with a premium thickened water-resistant neoprene material that offers an ultra-slim lightweight design and three protection layers to guide your laptop or notebook from scratches, dust, spills, and shocks.

Its lightweight and ultra-slim features make it possible for you to easily slide this into your backpack, case, or any luggage and make it convenient for you to travel with it anywhere.

The quick zipper on this sleeve glides smoothly, which allows for an easy and convenient entry to your system.

9. Flash Drive

Flash drives come in handy most times when you need to transfer and store files on your computer, so a reliable USB flash drive is what you need to ensure your files are safe.

Do not go for just any flash drive; you need to for standard drives for guaranteed safety.

These handy drives put your files in your pocket and help you gain access whenever you want. 

Best Flash Drive Recommendation – SanDisk 256GB Cruzer Flash Drive

SanDisk 256GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ36-256G-B35

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With the SanDisk drive, you can transfer with confidence when moving your documents and other files from system to system or other electronic devices.

It is ideal for video files; you can easily share, store, and stream your videos with this quality drive.

It supports most Mac and PCs, and it is also available in capacities up to 256 GB. 

SanDisk products are made to the highest standards and are well tested. You can trust the outstanding performance and quality of the flash drive.

The drive also includes SecureAccess software with 128-bit AES encryption that allows you to protect your sensitive documents by using a password. 

10. Laptop Cooler

Laptop coolers are regarded as one of the most valuable accessories due to overheating issues in modern laptop systems, especially gaming computers.

You need to opt-in for standard coolers to get that extra cooling effect.

Every intensive gamer or programmer will need to use a laptop cooler to keep their laptop running optimally.

Best Laptop Cooler Recommendation – Havit Laptop Cooler

havit HV-F2056 15.6'-17' Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans), Black/Blue

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This cooler is portable, slim, and lightweight, which allows you to protect and store easily. It provides ergonomic comfort through its two adjustable height settings.

The pad is also optimized for laptop carrying, as the quality multi-directional metal mesh provides your system with a firm laptop carrying and wear-resistant surface.

The manufacturer built this cooler with three ultra-quiet fans that enable a noise-free environment while your pad is working.

Adding to its features, it has an extra USB port and switch. The inbuilt dual hub lets you connect to more than one USB device.

11. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Although laptops are made for the portability of computer systems, you can make it even more convenient by using a wireless mouse and keyboard.

You can easily connect these devices via a USB receiver, and it is compatible with Windows and Chrome operating systems. 

Most of these devices are powered by AAA and Basic AA batteries, so you also get to work for longer hours with long battery life.

It isn’t compulsory to work just on your laptop keyboard and mouse. Try working at your convenience. 

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Recommendation – Logitech

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo For Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Mouse, 8 Multimedia And Shortcut Keys, For PC, Laptop - Black

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This Logitech wireless device includes a full-size keyboard and a precision mouse so you can work on your system at a comfortable distance, up to 10 meters away, with no dropouts or delay.

This also comes with a plug-and-forget receiver stored in your mouse for easy storage and safekeeping.

Logitech wireless combo lets you automatically view your frequently used applications by programming them to the eight available hotkeys to boost productivity.

This combo is built for uninterrupted wireless connectivity, personal performance, and battery power so you can concentrate on your task instead of getting bothered by technical difficulties.

The stylish keyboard and mouse are perfect for home and office use. It uses a wireless 2.4GHz connectivity to give a seamless, interruption-free use.

12. Keyboard Cover

Most laptops are not cheap, so you need to get accessories that will help protect your system from harm. The keyboard is one of the vital components of your laptop.

It allows you to input commands, carry out functions, and type on your system, so you must protect it, and that’s what a keyboard cover is meant for. 

A keyboard cover or protector is made of either silicone, plastic, or polyurethane and it’s placed on top of the keyboard area.

It protects your keyboard from dirt, spills, tunes down keyboard clicks, makes your keyboard much easier to clean, and protects the keyboard from wear and tear. 

Best Keyboard Cover Recommendation – ORITO Universal Keyboard Cover

Universal Keyboard Cover for 15.6'-17.3' Laptop Notebook with Numeric Keypad Keyboard (Width 14.4' x Height 5.3'), Ultra Thin Silicone Waterproof Keyboard Protector Skin -Blue

Buy on Amazon

You must always try to keep your system as clean and safe as possible to avoid malfunctions.

ORITO Universal keyboard cover is an accessory to best keep your laptop keyboard from dirt, water, coffee, or any liquid damage. It is a great fit for up to 17. 3-inch laptop keyboard.

The ultra-slim, flexible and washable design makes it easy to apply and take off for maintenance; it helps restore your original experience.

This cover also helps to prevent your keys from wearing out due to long use.

Using an Orito cover makes your typing experience better, and due to its rubber make, your fingers won’t slide off any time you strike a key. Perfect!

13. Earbuds

Unknotting your headphones can be pretty frustrating to do, and the time taken to undo them successfully can take out the fun from listening to your music.

The wires even get pulled out while working out or going about your house chores. But earbuds take you out from those unfortunate experiences, as they are designed for active lifestyles.

They are comfortable, safe and eliminate the hassle of wires, giving you the freedom of movement. 

This innovation is rapidly taking other the market, especially the wireless ones.

Wired headphones are becoming old news as most gadgets no longer feature those phones.

You can now enjoy private conversations or viewing time through your laptop at your utmost convenience. 

Best Earbuds – Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Compatible with Apple & Android, Built-in Microphone, IPX4 Rating, Sweat Resistant Earphones, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones - Black

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Beats Studio earbuds are water-resistant wireless noise elimination earbuds, and it has a custom acoustic feature that gives a powerful and balanced sound.

Control your laptop sound with distinct modes; transparency and active noise canceling mode.

You also enjoy eight hours of listening time without recharging the device.

The leading class 1 Bluetooth device is portable; sleek, compact in-ear design with a matching pocket-sized charging case, and it has an extended connection range.

High-quality in call performance and supports voice assistant interaction through the microphones.

These buds are engineered to prioritize high-quality sound and improve your earbuds’ stability, comfort, and sound quality.

14. Webcam

A webcam is a cheaper solution than a video camera, and it allows you also engage in face-to-face online communication, and it makes it easy for you to easily illustrate anything visually to the person at the other end.

This makes a webcam a versatile gadget for office and home use. Some webcams are wireless, have movement sensors and night vision features. It is always preferable to your in-built laptop camera.

Online video calling, conferences and communications are overtaking and replacing direct contact meetings reducing the business travels.

So clearly, seeing the person you are talking to, rather than just listening, increases the experience of communicating with others exponentially.

For virtual communication to be as real as possible, a webcam is vital.

Best Webcam Recommendation – Logitech

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam, Full HD 1080p/30fps Video Calling, Clear Stereo Audio, HD Light Correction, Works with Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet - Black

Buy on Amazon

Logitech webcam offers you quality, full HDM and polished video calls. You can easily mount this new on top of your laptop screen.

This Pro 1080p HD webcam delivers top-notch crisp, clear and detailed images in vibrant colors.

It supports HD autofocus and light adjustment to your environment to give a constant high-definition display.

The five-element glass lens gives razor-sharp images, and the dual microphones at the sides of the lens capture your voice without any modification.

Whether you intend to use it for a Skype call, zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting, or create videos for your YouTube channel, the Logitech C920x always makes a strong impression. Record and chat like a Pro.

15. USB C to USB Adapter

The USB-C to USB adapter allows any user to connect iOS devices or gadgets and many of the standard USB devices to a USB-C enabled Mac device.

This is useful for tech lovers using both android and apple devices. You don’t need to get separate cords for both devices; this eliminates that and offers you a way to plug in your USB-C gadgets using any USB adapter.

The unique benefit of using a Type C is its reversible feature, and this means that you can plug it upside down, and it will still function.

But a USB B or C connector does not possess that feature, and all these connectors cannot be interchanged with one another.

Best USB C to USB Adapter – nonda

nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter,Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter OTG for MacBook Pro2019,MacBook Air 2020,iPad Pro 2020,More Type-C Devices(Space Gray)

Buy on Amazon

Nonda USB C to USB adapter is the world’s smallest connector you can use to charge your phones and other standard USB devices or even transfer data at a speed of up to 5Gbps.

It is made from a durable aluminum alloy, and this mini adapter comes in three different colors to meet the color specifications of the MacBook 12-inch system.

It is also compatible with Chromebooks and other USB-C port devices. It is sleek, compact, portable and durable.

16. Screen Cleaner 

We’ve lived in those times when our laptop monitor blends with the perfect stream of daylight, and when the screen gets clouded with dust and fingerprints, it makes it difficult for us to enjoy the display.

Also, our tech devices go almost everywhere; the gym, office, restaurant, etc and can accumulate dust with time.

Hence, we need to clean our laptop screen at some point, and we need to do so rightly by using a quality screen cleaner to avoid screen damage.

Laptop screen types vary, and your cleaning options differ with the surfaces. It’s important that you clean your screen regularly and also know how to clean.

Using the wrong cleaner and the wrong cleaning approach can affect your display and even cause permanent damage like scratches.

Best Screen Cleaner Recommendation – WHOOS!

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit – [3.4oz +0.3oz] Best for – Smartphones, iPhone, iPads, Eyeglasses, e-Readers, Laptop, TV Screen Cleaner, and Computer Monitor– 3 Premium Cloths Included

Buy on Amazon

Whoosh cleaner makes it super easy to clean your laptop screen and other tech devices. This is a new category of screen cleaner, a solution for life’s dirty moments, and Apple’s top choice screen cleaner.

You can use this cleaner for all electronic screens, LED, LCD, tablets, laptops, Macbooks, OLED, e-Readers, Ipads, and smartphone screens.

The Whoosh screen cleaner is a powerful next-generation cleaner specifically designed to clean up all your electronic and smartphone screens and make them shine like new.

17. Laptop Phone Holder

Your phone has to be placed somewhere other than your bag or pocket while working on your system.

That’s what makes a phone stand or holder an important accessory. Phone holders are there to keep your phone safe and insight when you need to be hands-free.

If you don’t know what a phone holder is, they are small objects made to prop up your smart or mobile phones.

Some latest phone holders can be easily attached to your laptop, where you can conveniently mount your phone.

This is also useful when you need to work on your laptop and your phone; the holder allows you to do that in comfort. 

Best Phone Holder Recommendation – DK117

DK177 Laptop Phone Holder, Laptop or Desktop Monitor Side Mount Phone Holder, Slim Portable Foldable Smartphone Stand, Computer Monitor Expansion Bracket, Compatible with Any Phone, Silver

Buy on Amazon

The new upgraded DK117 laptop phone holder is fitted for all kinds of flat laptop monitor displays; you can easily access your messages, answer phone calls, and enjoy dual-screen time to improve office efficiency.

It’s easy to use, and it uses a magnetic design that firmly absorbs your mobile phone next to your monitor.

You can install, carry, and use this holder easily and perform various tasks simultaneously on your phone and laptop. Even when your phone is on silent mode, you won’t miss a thing.

Enjoy extending your screen and productivity. Another advantage is that you can use it as a headphone hanger, and it doesn’t obstruct your screen in any way.

18. Palm Pad

Persons who type or work on their systems for a long time would understand the need for a comfortable area to rest their palms.

Most laptops have sharp edges, which are uncomfortable to the palms, and can stop the user from working for a long duration.

So palm pads were manufactured to help this situation and give laptop users the comfort they need while operating their laptops for a long period. 

Palm pads are placed at the two sides of your mouse section to cover the sharp edges on your wrist area to avoid wrist discomfort and offer you a more suitable and convenient area to place your palms.

Best Palm Pad Recommendation – Grifiti

GRIFITI Large Slim Palm Pads Notebook Wrist Rests with Tacky Silicone Reposition for Hard and Sharp MacBooks and Laptops (2 Large 4 x 3.12 inches)

Buy on Amazon

These pads are the perfect palm pads to cover up the sharp edges on the wrist rest areas of your laptops or MacBooks. Grafiti made these pads with a sticky, soft and repositionable silicone.

You can effortlessly place these pads on your system’s palm rest area and take them off when you are done.

One nice thing about these pads is that they have just the right amount of cushion needed, and their silicone base peels off easily without leaving any stain.

You can use it on your Compaq, Sony, Panasonic, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba systems.

19. External Hard Drive 

Laptop systems are built with an internal hard drive, which stores all the system’s permanent data, and whenever you save any document or file, including photos or audio, it goes to your internal hard drive. 

Some of these hard drives have a capacity of up to 1TB, and that’s cool for a casual computer, but if your system is used as a workstation, you might need more space to store your files.

Hence, you have to get a large capacity external hard drive to keep storing all your files when your system runs out of storage. 

Of course, a computer needs enough space to function, so a full internal hard drive will do your system no good.

An external drive can be used to free up some space in your system’s drive, share data, and do digital editing; its benefits are numerous.

Best USB Hard Drive Recommendation – Western Digital

WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD, External Hard Drive, USB 3.0 for PC & Mac, Plug and Play Ready - WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN

Buy on Amazon

The Western Digital USB hard drive offers you plenty of space to effortlessly carry out your tasks or project. It is a high-capacity portable USB hard drive, durable and can take files of more than 1TB.

Western Digital made this drive with quality material to give it surface protection to your files against falls or any impact.

This portable storage is designed with USB 3.0 and delivers maximum data transfer rates. Consumers looking for reliable, high-capacity storage should opt for this quality external hard drive.

20. Laptop Power Bank

It’s always handy to own a power bank to keep your laptop up and running for a long period. Laptop power banks are seen as lifesavers when your system is running out of power during an important meeting, task, or an interesting game.

It’s normal for laptop batteries to run down fast, especially when the battery is old, or running intensive software applications, but you shouldn’t have to start panicking when you’ve got no power outlet around.

A laptop power bank easily solves that problem; all you need to do is invest in the right one.

Fortunately, you have several options of high-quality laptop power banks with affordable price tags.

Best Power Bank Recommendation – Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600

Anker 747 Power Bank (PowerCore 26K for Laptop), 87W Max Output with 65W USB-C Charger, Works for MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, Microsoft, Pixelbook, iPhone 13 series, Samsung, iPad Pro, and More

Buy on Amazon

This is a leading technology power bank with a massive 25,600 mAh cell capacity that allows you to charge your laptop anywhere you like.

If your system is running low, you can just take out the PowerCore to get a fast charge.

With the Anker power bank, you can charge up to three devices simultaneously, including your laptop.

The 60W USB-C port and the dual 18W USB-A ports give simultaneous high-speed charge to all the plugged-in devices.


How can I decorate my laptop?

You can create a self-made laptop skin or cover by using sticker papers and printing the pictures you love on those papers with a printer. Another good option is to buy a premade laptop skin from online stores. Some stores might even allow you to decide how to customize the skin.

How can my laptop computer look attractive?

There are various ways you can use to make your laptop more attractive. You can get a motion background, download fun wallpapers, style your system’s sidebar, clean your computer, download a dock, use an ultimate background, install themes and personalize your display settings to a fascinating look.

What happens if a laptop gets overheated?

When your system gets too hot or overheats, the entire system’s process can shut down, and it can also fry your internal components, including your motherboard and RAM. The laptop will go off without any warning, and you run the risk of an explosion. Overheating is not good for any system. Ensure your laptop is always at optimum temperature.

Is it cheaper to build a PC?

It will cost more to build a pc from scratch than buying an already built computer, but it might save you some bucks in the long run as you might not have to change or fix any system component frequently as you would with an already built system.

How can I personalize my laptop?

To personalize your computer, you need to locate the personalization settings in your system. You can do that by right-clicking on your desktop and clicking on Personalize from the menu. Immediately the personalization settings will appear. The process of changing your visuals is straightforward in most Windows systems.


These twenty best laptop gadgets and accessories can make you get the most out of your laptop system and help you build an ergonomic space while you protect and enhance your computer’s performance.

This is a great start to developing your gadget store at a fair price. Do share your must-have laptop accessories in the section below.

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