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10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads 2024


Overheating is an issue you might not escape from while using your laptop, especially with modern laptops that run heavy software and programs, and irrespective of the advancement in engineering into manufacturing laptops, this might still be a common issue.

Therefore, the design of cooling pads remains relevant as manufacturers produce more advanced laptops, and so you need the right guide to help you invest in the best laptop cooling pad.

No matter how hot your laptop might get, quality laptop cooling pads will be able to reduce the heat and keep it running at an optimum temperature.

Also, these cooling pads now come with added features that will help improve your battery life and system performance.

We assure you that these laptop cooling pads are the best in the market.

Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pad

1. HAVIT HV-F2056 Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • Cools laptop at anytime
  • Ultra-portable
  • Quiet fans
  • Extra USB ports
  • Ergonomic comfort

The top on this list is the HAVIT HV-F2056 cooling pad; this model offers an ultra-portability feature, high-quality multiple directional meshes that give your laptop wear-resistant capability, and a firm carrying surface.

This pad comes in various sizes, ranging from 15.6″ – 17” to accommodate most laptops.

It has an LED indicator light reflecting your fans and switch, allowing you to easily monitor your cooling pad even at night.

Its lightweight feature makes it easy to run around with this pad and cool your laptop whenever you want.

You can use the two shield holders at its back to adjust your laptop to various levels, so you enjoy better viewing, gaming, and typing experience and make you more comfortable while you work.

Its unique power switch design and extra USB ports allow an easy connection.

All you need to do is plug it in using any of your laptop’s USB ports, and you are good to go. You won’t hear a sound while the fans work.

  • The metal mesh design makes it lighter
  • You can’t hear a thing while the fans run
  • Highly durable
  • Sturdy, doesn’t slide around, and cools effectively
  • Nice design and very affordable
  • Not very good for gaming use
  • The fans speed is not very high

2. ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • Adjustable height and fan speeds
  • Mobile phone stand
  • Anti Slip Baffle
  • RGB colorful lights
  • 6-core deep cooling fans

Now, this is not like your regular laptop cooling pads; this is something else.

Ice Coorel has designed a powerful cooling pad with six adjustable heights, 6-core deep cooling fans, RGB color lights, an LCD screen display, two USB ports, and a mobile phone stand.

You get to enjoy six high-speed turbofans, which are silent and provide an excellent cooling effect.

The ergonomic stand and six-level height adjustment setting help to give you a more comfortable position while you play games, watch movies, or perform other duties on your laptop.

It has non-slip baffles with an extra heightening pad to prevent your laptop from slipping off the pad.

With the LCD screen design, you will spot the fan speed gear, and you can effortlessly control your lights and fan speeds through the control panel.

This cooler has several RGB colors and light effect modes, which helps with a better gaming experience.

It also comes with a phone bracket to help place your phone while working on your laptop. Thanks to Ice Coorel.

  • The fans are really quiet even on the highest speed level
  • Pretty cool lighting design
  • Extremely effective cooling capabilities
  • A great cooling pad for gaming laptops
  • Perfect fan placement
  • Not always available
  • A little heavy to move around

3. KOOTEK Laptop Cooler Pad

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Key Features

  • Super quiet fans
  • Three operating modes
  • Height and Angle Adjustable
  • Portable
  • Non-slip rubber pad

There’s no way anyone can talk about the best laptop cooling pads without recognizing the KOOTEL cooling pad.

This machine is compatible with 12 – 17 inch laptops and can be used for various functions, office and entertainment included.

It has a three-operating mode system that allows you to decide which fan or fans to turn on. There are blue indicators that reflect if the fan is functioning.

Other features include six different height adjustable settings to suit your usage for a better experience and prevent back and neck fatigue.

The Kootek cooler pad has a non-slip rubber pad at its underside to increase the stability of the pad while your laptop is on; it also makes it suitable for use in different places.

Fully ergonomic design that allows you to adjust the laptop’s height to get the best position or posture for work.

You can conveniently connect the pad to a power supply for better heat dissipation and avoid using your battery power.

  • Significantly decreases laptop temperature. Works Great
  • The fans cool well
  • Good for gaming laptops
  • Solid cooling pad
  • Great value for the price
  • Suitable for a wide range of laptops
  • Gives out noise, especially when all fans are running

4. LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Super-cooling and quiet fans
  • Unique USB port design
  • Adjustable pad height and fan speed
  • Large Metal Mesh

If you need a cooling pad that can support almost any device, then you’ve got to check out this LIANGSTAR unique cooling pad.

This pad has wide application and support. It’s compatible with any model, MacBook Pro, HP, DELL, Lenovo, and ASUS within 12” to 17.3”.

LIANGSTAR cooling pad is designed with a non-slip baffle and ergonomic design to ensure you get the most comfortable whenever you operate your laptop on the cooler. You can adjust the cooler stand effortlessly!

The two baffles protect your laptop from sliding down the pad. It’s also built with an anti-skid pad at its bottom to improve stability.

It has a nylon braided cable, which is highly durable, and two USB ports for other connections, just in case you need to plug in any device.

You can also adjust the fan speed and cooling pad height via the control switch, select either using the three big fans or the small ones or all the fans together.

Feel free to adjust the pad to the best height for you. The fans are noise-free with a rapid cooling effect to keep your laptop at the right temperature.

  • 100% effective. Works really well
  • Recommended for old laptops with overheating issues
  • Super quiet fans
  • Best laptop cooler in the market
  • Works better than a heatsink
  • Its fans are non-reversible
  • Not particularly thin

5. AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • Adjustable height setting and metal bracket
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality silicone grip
  • Adjustable height levels and angles

This Aicheson product is one of the most affordable gaming cooling pads you will ever find. Aicheson cooling pad is uniquely designed to cool various laptops up to 17.3 inches.

It has a big fan surrounded by four smaller fans that move 1000 – 1500 rpm, adjustable height settings, adjustable fan speeds, and a foam pad.

The upper surface of the cooling fans is built with metal mesh, while the sides and bottom are made of plastic.

Aicheson manufactured this cooling pad with a metal bar at the underside, which is meant for ergonomic design to provide comfortable angle and height adjustments.

You can make height level adjustments from 2.4 to 4.8 inches and angle adjustments of 7.5 to 21.5 degrees.

It has a flip-up quality grip at the cooler’s bottom to ensure your laptop never slips off when it’s elevated.

There’s a switch that controls the fans and lights of the pad; the light gets brighter as the fan speed increases. You also get a quality dual USB cord to connect the pad to your laptop for power.

  • Perfect for gaming laptops
  • Does a great cooling job
  • Worth the price
  • The fans run quietly
  • It’s lightweight
  • The multi-level adjustments make it useful in several scenarios
  • You can’t use it flat; it will cause poor airflow

6. VENCCI 2021 Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • Efficient heat dissipatio
  • Full RGB lights
  • Ergonomic height stands
  • Desk and Lap Use
  • Wide Compatibility

You can’t go wrong with the Vencci 2021 cooling pad; it is a modern cooling pad built with the latest technology.

It features a hideable mobile phone holder which you can use on both sides of the pad, an anti-slip pad that helps to keep your laptop glued to the cooler, a metal hook, and a large base allowing you to use the pad anywhere you desire; bed, sofa, pillow, etc.

You are not limited to this pad.

Also, seven adjustable height levels guarantee maximum comfort by enabling you to raise your laptop to about 7.5 inches.

It relieves back, shoulder, or neck pains, as it allows you to set your laptop to the perfect angle.

It has LED lighting strips at the surface of the cooling pad, with ten modes to give you a wonderful gaming experience. The RGB lights can be turned off while the fans are left running.

The Vencci cooling pad offers an impressive amount of cooling with three big fans and small fans of 110mm and 65mm, respectively.

The LCD screen gives you the freedom to control the lights, modes, and fan speeds.

  • The most comfortable cooling pad ever
  • Works great
  • The various stand levels are good
  • The fan moves a lot of air
  • Noise level on this is non-existent
  • It is sturdy and well made
  • Value for money is exceptional
  • It’s just plastic

7. TopMate Laptop Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • High fan speed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Three adjustable fan modes
  • Plastic and metal mesh
  • Non-slip baffle
  • Silent fans

The TopMate cooling pad is manufactured to handle gaming laptops and other laptops designed to run hardware-intensive applications.

It has five cooling fans; four outer fans, and a super-strong wind fan to cool effectively. With the TopMate cooler, your PS4, Xbox, and laptop router are saved from getting too hot, irrespective of the manner of usage.

This laptop cooler has a unique ergonomic design, which features a five-height adjustment range that allows you to raise your laptop to a comfortable height for a better and faster work experience and adjustable tilting to bend your laptop to any desired angle.

It has a hinged flap you can easily flip up to prevent your laptop from sliding off the cooling pad. TopMate made this pad with an LCD screen and a control panel.

This screen allows you to check various fan speeds, and the control panel is used to change different modes.

You are allowed to choose between six fan speeds and three fan operation modes.

The cooling pad has blue LED lights that come on while it’s running; this gives you an amazing gaming experience. If you need a completely silent cooling pad, you’ve found it.

  • It has wide compatibility
  • The fan blows well and runs completely silent
  • Great for new and old laptop systems
  • Its adjustable tilting and fan speed make it worthwhile
  • Functions effectively
  • A very good product
  • Doesn’t have a very high CFM
  • Speed doesn’t increase much via the settings

8. TECKNET Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • Metal Mesh surface
  • Highly portable
  • Anti-skid design
  • Broad compatibility

Tecknet is one of the best brands we have in the market, their products are widely known, and they guarantee 100% satisfaction.

This model comes in various series, from a pad of two fans to six fans. It doesn’t require a power adapter; you can conveniently power your pad via a USB connection. It also has extra USB ports for additional devices.

The Tecknet cooling pad is designed to provide high comfortability to all laptop users. It is lightweight, slim, and portable, so you can easily carry this pad around.

With its flat bottom design, you can place it anywhere. The rear LED indicator shows the operation status of the pad.

Its strong fans and the metal mesh allow optimal airflow to keep your laptop or devices cool and avoid overheating issues due to long usage.

Compatible with Netbook, MacBook, Ultrabook, laptop, and Notebook from size 12 to 16 inches.

  • Extremely sturdy metal mesh
  • Highly portable
  • Great wave airflow design; you can’t hear the fans running
  • Excellent grips
  • It’s a well-designed cooling pad
  • Works well for gaming and graphics-intensive laptops
  • Fans move only up to 1200rpm

9. TARGUS Chill Mat

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Key Features

  • Stability and Durability
  • Performance-Enhancing Design
  • Work comfortably
  • Soft neoprene exterior
  • Slim and Lightweight

Targus products are undoubtedly great in general, with this being one of their amazing products. The Targus Lap Chill Mat offers an ergonomic work surface that helps to keep your laptop and you cool.

Yes, that’s right, with this cooler, you are not left out. This Chill Mat dissipates the heat while still cooling your thighs.

It uses dual fans to provide proper ventilation but can be obstructed when placed on a mattress or pillow.

To get this lap chill mat working, all you have to do is plug the USB connector into your laptop to power the fans. No batteries are required!

Its ergonomic tilt makes typing easier for you, while your lap gets cushioned with the soft neoprene material. The open design allows proper airflow and low noise from the fans.

The four rubber stops installed on its surface prevent your laptop from slipping, holding it firm on the mat.

So with the Targus Lap Chill, you get to enjoy a much better experience with your laptop and improve your laptop’s functionality.

To top it off, it is compatible with 17-inch laptops and below.

  • The gap in the mat is a good space to pull air and cool your laptop
  • It has two silent but pretty powerful fans
  • Amazing design
  • Overall it’s sturdy
  • Very portable, no stress moving with this pad
  • Works just fine
  • The USB cord is short

10. THERMALTAKE Massive Cooling Pad

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Key Features

  • Single Supreme Ventilation
  • Full Lighted
  • RGB LED-lit
  • Steel Mesh and Plastic material
  • 64 CFM airflow
  • Ergonomic design

Here is a 256-color RGB LED-lit laptop cooler with five lighting modes; Full lighted, Blink, Pulse, Wave, and RGB Spectrum.

Featuring a 200mm fan with an adjustable speed controller for high cooling performance.

Thermaltake cooling pad has an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable laptop height and avoids unnecessary twists and turns.

This cooling pad supports up to 19-inch laptops and notebooks, and it is powered via the USB connection to the laptop.

You can enjoy the LED schemes by pressing the Light Mode button. It has a massive in-built quiet 200mm fan with optimum performance.

The metal mesh is big enough to provide optimal airflow, which is supported by the adjustable height. So you get to enjoy the best positioning and optimal viewing angle possible.

If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, you shouldn’t miss out on the Thermaltake 20 RGB laptop cooling pad.

  • This is a high-quality cooler
  • Durable and effective
  • Noise level is negligible
  • Good for cooling gaming laptops and notebooks
  • It can accommodate larger laptops than most cooling pads and doesn’t weigh much at all
  • Quite expensive
  • It takes up to 2 USB ports
best laptop cooling pad

Points to Note While Choosing a Cooling Pad

You must choose the right laptop cooling pad, so you don’t end up wasting a lot of money.

However getting the right cooling pad to suit your needs can prove quite difficult, especially when you are faced with several good choices.

Here are some factors that can help you make the best decision.


No one wants to have a cooler that’s difficult to carry around and feels like a whole lot of extra load.

So you need to check for the level of portability that suits you. Most modern laptops are designed to be portable, so your cooling pad shouldn’t be any different.

This is one of the topmost factors you need to consider before getting your laptop cooler. 


One of the most significant comparisons between laptops and desktops is portability.

Laptops are more portable, so you can use them in whichever position is most comfortable for you.

Your laptop cooling pad should also allow you to work on your laptop with maximum comfort.

A cooling pad is meant to be ergonomic and adjustable, allowing you to set your laptop in the most comfortable position.

Also, ensure that the cooling pad is compatible with your laptop size. 


It’s always convenient to own a cooling pad you can easily take almost anywhere, typically for those who need the cooling pad all the time while they work on their systems.

Struggling to get your cooling pad around might induce stress and make you uncomfortable.

You must get one that shouldn’t be high above 2 pounds. 


The price of the cooling pad should be amongst your top highlights. Ensure you go for the top manufacturers that offer affordable coolers.

A high-priced cooler doesn’t mean the best cooler; you need to note that. Several available coolers should fit your budget.

However, if you must go for a cooling pad higher than your budget, you can save more money to get it.


Whenever you are buying anything, quality is an undisputed factor you have to consider. Your cooling pad should be able to cool your laptop effectively.

High-quality laptops are rated based on their efficiency, effectiveness, and speed to bring down the laptop’s temperature.

It’s advisable to always go for a cooling pad that has multiple fans and high CFM.

The fan sizes should range from 90 – 110mm and have a minimum fan speed of 1000 rpm. 


A laptop has limited available USB ports in its system, so attaching a cooler that takes up more than one of your ports is not extensible.

Always check for the extensibility of the cooling pads while making your choice to avoid displeasure.

However, some cooling pads have additional ports you can also use to connect other devices. 


How to choose a laptop cooling pad?

Thoroughly check the specifications of the products, particularly the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), which signifies the amount of airflow the pad blows to the laptop. A high CFM means a high amount of airflow. If you extensively run your laptop, you need to get a cooling pad with a high CFM spec. Make sure it’s a suitable-sized pad of an ergonomic design and has multiple fans. You will appreciate it more if you get a pad that accommodates all your needs. However, it’s best to always stay within your budget, even if it means letting some features go.

Is it worth getting a cooling pad?

Laptop coolers are good, effective, and improve the functionality of your laptops. If you are dealing with overheating problems, you might want to consider getting a laptop cooling pad. Most recent generation systems are designed to run heavy applications and features that generate a lot of heat while running, and most times, the built-in fan in these laptops may not be able to handle the pressure. In this circumstance, getting a cooling pad is worth the expense. It also serves as an affordable solution to several irritating problems. If you feel comfortable using your laptop on the bed, pillows, or mattresses, then you should get a cooling pad.

Why does the laptop overheat?

Prolonged use of laptops and CPU load will cause the device temperature to increase. Although in-built laptop fans are designed to help dissipate the heat and maintain a cool laptop temperature, sometimes, due to the operation of heavy applications, including games, the laptop can start to overheat. Persons who extensively use their laptops will most likely struggle with overheating problems. This problem can cause major faults and drastically reduce laptop performance. In some cases, vital hardware components are affected.

How do I fix an overheating laptop?

When you discover your laptop’s temperature is high off the radar, there are a few tricks you can apply to cool it down. The first thing is to turn off your laptop, detach your cords, and take out the battery if possible. Take a break for a while so that the system can cool down. Inspect your vents and fan for any dust or dirt blockage. They are usually located underneath or at the sides of the laptop. You can use compressed air to clean up the vents. If the fan still barely works, you might have to inspect it further. For Windows model laptops, you can also try changing your fan control settings in the BIOS menu. Third-party power management applications can be used to adjust fan settings. Better still, just get yourself a laptop cooling pad.

What should I put under my laptop?

To avoid blocking your laptop’s air vents and causing your laptop to overheat, you can put on a laptop cooling mat to keep your laptop functioning optimally. However, if you can’t get a cooling mat, you can try putting a hard material under the laptop, like a plastic casing, tray table, or lap desk, for instance. Any solid flat surface should help maintain proper airflow through your vents. Avoid using any soft material; it will easily clog the vents and stop airflow.


Heat-related issues are dangerous to our computer systems, so it’s important to resolve them as quickly as possible. With any of these selected best laptop cooling pads, you won’t have to struggle with continuous heating problems anymore.

You can now use your system for as long as you want, even for gamers or programmers. Get one now and welcome a more enjoyable experience. 

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