can a chromebook replace a laptop

Can a Chromebook Replace a Laptop


The Chromebook computer is an ultra-portable and affordable system that runs on the Google Chrome operating system.

Chromebooks are good for students, workers, and anyone who loves browsing the net, and consistently using browser-based applications like Google Docs.

However, you might discover some limitations when you compare it with your traditional laptop systems.

Almost every computer manufacturer has produced a Chromebook, their low prices and features make the system a good choice and can do most of the work of the Windows and Mac computers.

Replacing your laptop with a Chromebook depends on your needs, and we will elaborate on this.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops that operate on the Google Chrome operating system, and it uses the same title as the widely known web browser, Google Chrome.

Chromebook systems include desktops, laptops, and tablet computers powered by the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS).

The Chrome OS supports a lot of applications on the Google Play store.

You can install an application just like you are adding an application or applications on your Android phone or one of your plug-ins to a Chrome web browser.

You can run Android apps on your Chromebook system directly.

For a lot of users, Chromebooks do an excellent job of handling web browser tasks, and this includes net surfing, video streaming, emailing, spreadsheets, light gaming, and file editing.

You will still be able to do these things while your Chromebook is offline, but it is still a very good and enjoyable online experience.

What are the Differences Between the Chromebooks and Traditional Laptops?

The Chromebook is a much more affordable system compared to a MacBook or Windows laptop.

Chromebooks are designed to run on the Chrome OS, which is a Google operating system.

This means you cannot install Windows or Mac OS programs and applications on a Chromebook, it won’t work on these systems.

This doesn’t mean you are at a disadvantage with the Chromebooks, they still have some advantages that you will find very interesting.

We are going to distinguish between the Chromebook systems and other laptops for further clarification.

PURPOSEChromebooks can handle several diverse tasks, like playing videos and surfing the internet. You can either work straight from your Chrome browser or install applications from your play store.
There are thousands of applications in the Google play store, with a persistent rapid increase in the number of apps available. You will always find an app that suits your needs in the Play Store.
The rate of speed your Mac operating system or Windows performs is dependent on your laptop’s specifications.
If you have a laptop of very high specs, your laptop will be very powerful, and your applications and programs will also run very fast.
Compared to Chromebooks, laptops are a bit freer. You can install any software, you don’t have to rely on only applications.
OPERATING SYSTEM (OS)You are allowed to use internet applications directly from your Chrome Web Store, and you get these apps from the Chrome browser. Instead of using PowerPoint, you can use Google Docs or slides.
Downloading applications from the Google play store is also possible. If you love using Microsoft Office, you can install the Office 365 android version.
Gamers can now use the Google Stadia to stream and play recent games in 4k on their Chromebooks.
The Chromebook uses the Google Chrome operating system (Chrome OS), and this system allows you to carry out a lot of tasks and work from your browser.
Chromebook prioritizes internet usage first, so it is very fast and made with very light material. With a Chromebook, you wouldn’t have to stress about your system’s specifications before enjoying the speed and high performance.
PROGRAMS AND APPLICATIONSA Chromebook automatically saves your documents, including photos, and videos straight to your Google Drive. The Chrome operating system is specifically designed to do this. You might not get enough storage space in your system.
This is why you have 100GB of online storage space when you purchase a Chromebook system. You can also buy additional storage or optimize other storage services on the Chromebook, like Dropbox.
With a laptop, you can install any software or application you need. If you require specific applications for work or home, then you should go for a laptop or MacBook.
Go to your Windows store to download your applications, but on a MacBook, you have to go to the Apple Store. You can also install software from various sources.
STORAGE SYSTEMYou can work on your laptop or MacBook for a whole day without reaching your laptop charger, but you can’t do that while performing demanding tasks, and running heavy applications; games, or editing software.
The higher the hardware power of your laptop, the higher the energy it tends to consume. A laptop requires more energy than a Chromebook.
You will need to plug your laptop in to run intensive applications. But the MacBooks have longer battery power than an average laptop system.
Laptops and MacBooks are built with either a solid-state drive or a hard drive. Although some advanced laptops can come with both.
You can easily store your documents in the drive, and you can also store them in the cloud, for instance, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. You are not limited.
BATTERY LIFEChromebooks don’t require a heavy processor to function, including a hard drive, solid-state drive, or video card which takes up high energy power.
The Chrome OS is light and it consumes low battery power. You can use your Chromebook to work throughout the day without plugging it in.
On a MacBook or Windows laptop, you’ll need an antivirus or virus-scanning application to keep your system safe against malware, spyware, and viruses.
Macbooks are less prone to virus attacks than normal laptops, but you still have to install an antivirus program. With good antivirus software on your laptop, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your files, or the laptop itself.
VIRUS PROTECTIONBy default, Chromebooks are protected against virus attacks, and they don’t need special virus scanning software.
Your files stored online are protected by Google, so viruses do not have any effect on your operating system, and Chromebook. A Chromebook is constantly secured.
By default, Chromebooks are protected against virus attacks, and they don’t need special virus-scanning software.
Your files stored online are protected by Google, so viruses do not have any effect on your operating system, and Chromebook. A Chromebook is constantly secured.

Can a Chromebook replace a laptop?

A Chromebook is an excellent choice for your basic computer needs, it is a unique type of laptop, so you are not going to fall short of anything if you decide to buy the Chromebook computer.

For instance, if you enjoy spending so much time emailing, surfing the internet, operating your social media account, listening to music, and streaming videos, your Chromebook can handle those tasks perfectly well.

Applications available on the Chromebook platform include Microsoft Office (Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, and much more), Google Workspace (Google Sheets, Docs, etc), YouTube, Spotify, Dropbox, Facebook, Zoom, Canva, Messenger, Netflix, and lots and lots more of amazing apps.

Most Chromebooks use mild-power processors, and other hardware parts that are much less in price than the Mac and Windows laptop computers.

But this means that a Chromebook might not be the best device to handle intensive and hardware-demanding tasks, like graphic design.

However, if you get the right Chromebook that fits your needs, you will have good battery life and an amazing experience.

Also, despite its cheap price, you don’t have to avoid buying a Chromebook if it can accommodate your needs and budget.

How can I select a Chromebook?

First, you must start by identifying your needs, that’s the only way you can get the right one.

When you know what you intend to use your computer for, you will be guided on the price and features that suit your budget and demand.

If you already own a desktop, for instance, a cheap Chromebook is a good option for a travel system, or when you are out of your home.

But if you need a computer to use daily, then you might want to increase your budget to get more specifications and performance.

A Chromebook computer under 250 dollars might run slow, most users will have to pay for a higher-specification Chromebook.

The Pixelbooks are a great choice for any Google purists, and anyone established in the Google environment, though it may come at a steep price.

Chrome laptops are set at varying prices, and it is also manufactured by several companies that release Windows-based computers, including Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Asus.


Why are Chromebooks cheap?

Chromebooks are set at cheap prices due to the low hardware needs for the Chrome operating system. Not just the fact that Chromebooks are more light and compact than your average laptop computer, but they are also less expensive. You can get new Windows computers at $200, but they are very few, and might not be worth getting.

Can I use the word on a Chromebook?

You can launch, open, download, edit, and convert any Microsoft Office files, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents. Note that before you edit your Office files, inspect that you have up-to-date Chromebook software. You might not be able to use higher file versions on lower software.

Can I use the zoom on my Chromebook?

Yes, definitely.  You should be able to effectively run your Zoom app on your Chromebook. First, you need to open your app store and search for the Zoom app. Once you’ve found the installation file, download and install it on your Chromebook. After installation has been completed, you can click on open to begin using the application. You can also use the Zoom application from your Chrome app drawer.

Is an iPad better than a Chromebook?

iPads are arguably better than Chromebooks, most especially in aesthetic designs. Most iPads are created from premium materials, like glass and metal. But Chromebooks are also very good, with amazing designs, just that very high ones might be quite expensive. It all boils down to your preferences, and what you want to use your computer for.

Can a Chromebook do everything a laptop can do?

Android applications struck a significant difference in the capability of a Chromebook computer, and for most users, Chromebooks can do everything a Windows laptop can do, because it can satisfy their needs and requirements. If you can do all you want on a Chromebook, then you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it.


If you have read this article to the end, you might now feel that the Chromebook is a perfect fit for your demands on a computer.

Due to their weight and compact nature, they will make an excellent choice for an everyday use computer for your computing needs.

Plus they come at a price more affordable than the Mac and Windows systems.

To get a Chromebook, you can go to the Google store, Amazon, or other shops.

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