Why Your Chromebook Shuts Off Randomly 2024


Several instances can cause your Chromebook to turn off on its own.

Your Chromebook can shut off automatically if it overheats.

Normally, when the normal temperature for your Chromebook is exceeded, the system will instantly shut down to prevent the internal components and battery from being damaged.

This will also help your system cool down.

So if your system shuts down spontaneously during your work, then this might be a result of overheating, but that’s not always the case.

You must do a system check-up just to be certain.

What to Do When Chromebook Shuts Off Randomly

There are a few steps you can follow if you are having issues with intermittent shutdowns.

You should try out these troubleshooting steps;

Check for Software Update

The first thing to do is to make sure your Chromebook is updated.

Though the Chromebook updates itself automatically, this does require that your Chromebook is rebooted for the changes made to be effected.

If you do not shut down your Chromebook frequently or restart your laptop at all, this is a good time to do so.

Keeping your Chromebook updated is essential for fixing bug problems.

You have to ensure you have the latest Chrome OS version installed.

You can quickly update your Chromebook through the guide below

  • Launch chrome.
  • Click on the menu icon.
  • Enter “about Google Chrome”.
  • Allow the system to check for recent updates and install them all.
  • Reboot your Chromebook.

If this says you have the updated version already, then you are good to go.

Shut down your Chromebook completely and restart, just to rule out any possibility of finding any outdated software that might be causing the intermittent and random shutdown.

However, if this is the first time you are facing such an issue then, a restart will tell you all you need to know on how to fix your problem if you have never restarted your laptop before.

If you restart your laptop you will get rid of all the lingering code that can be found in the background that might or will cause any issue.

The Chromebook requires frequent updates, and each time you update yours, it will fix a lot of bug issues, for example, software issues, new features to Chrome, UI issues, security patches, etc.

Do a Soft Reset

It is important to turn off your Chromebook frequently, especially when the system isn’t in use.

Leaving your Chromebook constantly turned on can damage the RAM cache and help empty anything that can cause shutdowns.

Use the shutdown option in the menu, don’t just close the lid, that puts it in sleep/hibernate mode.

This can help fix the problem.

If your Chromebook starts misbehaving when you try to close the lid.

Then you should prevent it from hibernating or going into sleep mode by using the Chromebook’s built-in options.

Change System Settings

You can prevent it from hibernating or going to sleep by choosing “keep display on”.

This will keep it from hibernating when it is not being used, on battery power, or charging.

If you cannot find this option in your system then update your Chromebook.

Or try using the search and search box for “display” or “power” or “shut down timer” if you do not have the other option.

Try stopping your Chromebook from going to sleep when you close the lid by turning off the “sleep when the cover is closed”

Although, you can also use an app for keeping the Chromebook from shutting down or a Chrome extension. 

Note that if you had purchased a used Chromebook, these options might be disabled; you will need to contact the person you bought it from to help you reset the management and switch the Chrome’s primary account over to you.

Check for Bugs and Unnecessary Extensions

Your Chromebook extensions, some apps, and other problems may be the cause of this or running a bad code which might be messing up your Chromebook shutdown cycle.

Use the “guest mode”, this will allow you to see your Chromebook without Chrome extensions and apps.

It’s like an “incognito” mode for a Google account.

Quickly assess to see if this problem was caused by a Chrome extension or an app by signing as a guest because this will load Chrome without installing anything.

No password is needed to sign in.  Now check to see if it will still shut down randomly.

If that does not happen, it means the problem was a result of an installed application or by some extension.


You know now what to do if your Chromebook shuts off randomly.

Like we said it doesn’t mean that your Chromebook is bad, it might just be a system glitch or a rise in system temperature.

Although it would serve you best if you got your system thoroughly checked out, so you don’t end up with irreparable damages.

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