Chromebook Restarting

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting?


Chrome books are one of the most portable and unique laptop designs with high-end technology.

Irrespective of their powerful makeup, they aren’t 100% perfect but aren’t all machines.

Whenever it comes to electronic machines or devices, expect one or two defects along the way.

Focusing on Chromebooks, an abrupt restart isn’t a strange issue.

We can highlight several issues that can cause this abnormal function. One of them is that your Chromebook is outdated.

More importantly, let’s discuss how to get you out of this problem.

Ways to Stop Your Chromebook from Restarting

Update Your Chromebook

An outdated chrome book will bring about this kind of problem.

For this purpose, you must make sure your device is up to date.

These updates are very much automatic but your laptop must be rebooted to enable it to apply the settings.

So if your device starts malfunctioning and restarting suddenly, you need to reboot your Chrome book by yourself for the settings to apply.

In addition to this update, you need to also install the latest version of Chrome on your laptop.

To update Chrome, you will have to open the app, then tap on the “menu button”, and click on “About Google Chrome”.

Look for new updates if any and install them.

Once the Chrome is updated, then you need to restart the Chrome book.

Soft Reset

If rebooting does not work, then resetting your Chromebook will be the next thing to do.

This is because your laptop might be restarting as a result of lingering codes, so you should switch off the laptop for a while.

Do not restart because this might clear out your RAM cache.

Instead, just click on the shutdown button on the menu, and please do not switch on hibernate or sleep mode. 

Adjust Your Chromebook Settings

If your Chrome book keeps on restarting after carrying out the above process, then there might be a situation of incorrect shut-off settings.

To correct this you will have to open and move chrome to “chrome://settings” and then look for the device option.

When you do this, click on the power button and try to adjust the settings to prevent it from shutting down automatically.

Also, do not use the shut down when your lid is closed option; this can cause an abrupt restarting.

Apps or Extension

There are situations where it might be the Chrome extensions or apps conflicting with your device or they have a bad code that is impacting the shutdown cycle.

This is so because some of these extensions can prevent the laptop from shutting off, that is your laptop will not be able to shut down.

On the other hand, some extensions prevent the laptop from coming on, that is the laptop is always switched off.

So it is suggested that you delete these extensions or add-ons.

If you cannot delete these extensions, it is better to switch to the guest mode, because this guest mode allows users to use Chrome Book without any extensions or apps.

Fix Charging Issues

Sometimes, the problem might be as little as the Chrome book not being able to charge.

So for this reason, it is advisable to switch on your Chrome book and ensure that the charger is well plugged into your laptop and also the power socket firmly.

It is also good to confirm if the charging cable is good and with no damages present externally or internally.

Secondly, it will also be good if you check the power socket to ensure that it is providing enough power to your laptop through its charging cable.

In other words, just ensure that your Chromebook is charging properly because a low charging power can result in sudden restarting.

Prevent Overheating 

If you are using a Chrome book to navigate websites, watch videos, play games, and play music at once, this might cause your laptop to overheat.

Keep this at the back of your mind your laptop may not feel hot when you touch it, but the inside is overheating, so if your Chrome book keeps restarting, then there is a big chance that it has gone beyond its internal temperature threshold.

In that case, it is for the best if you switch the laptop off for a while to enable it to cool down, especially the internal compartments of your laptop.

Secondly, the dust or debris that is clogged up in the ports can bring down the effectiveness of the fan and reduce its cooling effects.

It is suggested that you clean frequently all the ports of the laptop to make sure that the dust is all cleared up.

Hard Reset

If using the soft reset was not effective in fixing the restarting problem of your Chrome book, then you have to carry out the hard reset.

The hard reset will help restart all of the hardware that is connected to your Chromebook.

However, this can also delete the files that were downloaded from the folder, so it is best to back up the important files before carrying out a hard reset.

To perform this hard reset, switch off your Chromebook, and once this is done, click on the refresh button.

While holding on to the refresh button, press the power button with your other finger, and don’t remove your finger from the refresh button while the Chrome book is booting.


These are the effective ways that solve why your Chromebook keeps restarting.

Any of these methods should be able to do the trick and get your Chromebook back to normal.

However, if you still can’t get around this issue, take your Chromebook to your manufacturer.

You can fix it at no cost and ask for a replacement if your warranty is still valid.

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