how to connect jbl speakers together

How to Connect JBL Speakers Together


Are you aware you can connect as many as 100 JBL speakers via Bluetooth? Thoroughly read this article.

If you are planning to buy JBL speakers for your home or party use, then you should.

JBL speakers are top of the chain when trying to get the right speakers.

With its amazing features, you can connect multiple JBL speakers to elevate your sound level, but the only issue is that most users do not know how to connect JBL speakers using their Bluetooth devices.

Be assured that this isn’t rocket science, connecting JBL speakers is going to be one of the easiest things you’ve ever done.

JBL Speakers

The process of connecting your JBL speakers is pretty straightforward; you won’t have to break a sweat.

All you need to do is follow this guide, and you will get that quality sound you’ve always wanted.

JBL includes features that let you pair more than two JBL speakers at the same time, you can even connect up to 100 speakers if you have them.

Whenever you want to throw a party, you can ask your friends to bring along their JBL speakers to boost the music experience, and you all have an awesome party in a convenient and low-budget way.

But before you begin trying to connect these speakers, you have to make sure that they are compatible, and have the Connect+, JBL Connect, and PartyBoost functions.

How to Connect JBL Speakers 

Before you begin connecting your JBL speakers, there are some features you should know about.

These features help the speaker’s sound production.

For instance, the JBL Flip, JBL Charge, JBL Xtreme, JBL Boombox, and the JBL Clip; are made with a JBL to pair feature that lets easy connection of double JBL speakers.

If you intend to use double or multiple JBL speakers from any of the series above via the JBL Connect feature, you should be able to connect the speakers and play sounds from all of them at the same time.

To connect up to a hundred JBL speakers, you need the JBL Connect+ feature.

You will not be able to connect such a large number of speakers with the JBL Connect.

Now let’s take a thorough guide through the entire process of connecting or pairing multiple JBL speakers.

Step 1:

Switch on all the available JBL speakers you want to connect with, and moderate space between them.

Ensure you turn on all your speakers when you want to pair them. This is a very necessary step, not just because it is the first step.

When any of the speakers are turned off, you will not be able to pair them. You will end up dealing with connection issues.

Step 2:

When you have succeeded in turning all the speakers on, you now have to connect the speakers to the source; i.e. where the music or audio will be played.

You can connect the speakers to your mobile phone, or you can also use your laptop, iPad, computer, and other devices.

Use your Bluetooth to connect them. You must be sure that your device is enough to pair up all your available devices.

Step 3:

You can now play your music from the source device.

Once all your speakers are connected to that source, any audio played through the device will be produced through one of the speakers, not all of them just yet; you still have a step left.

Step 4:

Locate the connect button on the JBL speaker which is acting as the only output device, and then press that button for a while.

Also, find the connect button on all your other JBL speakers, then press it for a few seconds to secure the connection.

When these steps are completed, then you’ve successfully connected your JBL speakers. Enjoy a much more loud sound and bass in your environment.

Is it possible to connect more than one JBL speaker?

Yes, you can connect more than one JBL speaker. Just like some other brand speakers available, you can connect multiple JBL speakers.

The connectivity rate goes more than just one, you can connect up to one hundred JBL speakers and not worry about anything, as long as you have the time and space to connect them.

The first step is the compatibility check, you need to inspect if the speakers you intend to connect are compatible.

Check If the JBL speakers have either the JBL Connect+ or the JBL Connect feature.

If you can find any of those, then it must have the JBL PartyBoost option.

JBL speakers can be connected wirelessly, which means you don’t need to have an AUX cable or a USB port.

Relieving right? There is also the benefit of increasing the sound volume while listening to the stereo just as if you were at a party.

Which JBL Speakers are Compatible?

You can connect most JBL speakers easily. But know that not all JBL speakers are compatible; this means that you might not be able to connect some JBL speakers.

These speakers are made with different technology and design, so a little variation in connectivity is expected.

We have a list of compatible JBL speakers which can synchronize:

  • Speakers having the PartyBoost

These JBL speakers utilize the PartyBoost feature to enable them to get connected.

  • JBL Pulse 4
  • JBL Flip 5
  • Speakers with the JBL Connect

The speakers below use the JBL Connect, so you can connect them. You shouldn’t have any issues getting them paired up:

  • JBL Clip 2
  • JBL Charge 3
  • JBL Flip 3
  • JBL Pulse 2
  • Speakers with the JBL Connect+

These are the speakers using the Connect+ feature, and they can be paired with each other in seconds:

  • JBL Boombox
  • JBL Pulse 3
  • JBL Xtreme 2
  • JBL  Charge 4
  • JBL Flip 4

Why do people like JBL speakers?

Amongst the top reasons why most users prefer JBL speakers is the quality of the sound that emits from these brand speakers, including other amazing features that the manufacturer installed in them.

When you join multiple JBL speakers with each other, you enjoy a louder sound that also comes with a good bass effect.

If you are planning an outdoor party, having a JBL speaker will make your party much better, and when you have more than one of them it will just be the icing on the cake.

You won’t experience any interruption or poor sound quality.

These speakers are not just for parties, you can also use them in the comfort of your home.

The JBL Connect application is available to let users connect to more than one speaker simultaneously

You just have to know and understand how to utilize the application to connect your speakers.


What are the Steps for Disconnecting One JBL Speaker when Double Devices are Connected Together?

You can use two ways to disconnect your JBL speaker connected with other speakers to a source. One of them is to turn off your speaker and hold down the connect button of the speaker you intend to disconnect for a few seconds. The advantage of using this method is that only the speaker will disconnect, without affecting other speakers. This is as easy as connecting the speakers in the first place, it’s only a reverse process; just that this time you are focusing on one speaker.

Why won’t my JBL Speakers Connect to each other?

If your JBL speaker keeps disconnecting, or they won’t connect to each other, it means your speakers are incompatible or your device and speakers are too far off from themselves, or there’s another device interfering with your connection. You must make sure that your speakers are well-charged and paired successfully. If you’ve been able to ascertain that your speakers are compatible, and you still have connection issues after trying several means, reset your speakers and check your device audio settings.

Why do I Experience Drop-in Sound Quality when I Use the JBL Connect+ Feature to Connect my JBL Xtreme to my JBL Boombox?

A drop in sound quality is most likely due to your Bluetooth device connected to your JBL speaker. You should try connecting another device to confirm this fault, and if you still experience this same problem after trying different smart devices or computers, then you can call it signal interference. It can also be due to a problem with the software. Ensure you update your software on both the Apple or android device and speakers. Also remove any obstacle in between the Bluetooth speaker, and the device, if any.

How do I Use the PartyBoost to Connect my JBL Speakers?

PartyBoost is the recent JBL technology that allows you to connect more than one speaker, and play music from a source. You can use this technology to connect as many speakers as you want, but you can’t use it on JBL Connect+ or Connect speakers. To connect, turn on your JBL speaker, and connect one of the speakers to the device. After that, activate the PartyBoost, LED flashes will begin to show once activated. Then activate the PartyBoost on all other speakers.

What is JBL Connect Plus?

The JBL Connect+ is a JBL technology that allows its users to pair multiple speakers to a single device to amplify their audio experience. JBL is widely known for manufacturing speakers with top-quality bass and sound.


You can now connect your JBL speakers by yourself quickly. Pair up as many speakers as you need to get your desired sound level.

The connection guide shared above will help you get your JBL speakers connected with ease.

Ensure you follow the steps carefully so you don’t struggle. If you need assistance with any problem, do well to reach us.

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