Laptop Feet Repair

How to Replace Your Laptop Feet: Laptop Feet Replacement 2024


Laptop feet may seem irrelevant but they help in preventing destruction, dust ingress, and even overheating.

They help keep watch over forces of clumsiness, and gravity, and due to their functions, they need to be replaced at intervals.

Frequent replacement is mostly because they are attached to adhesive, which can fall off over time.

We will educate you on simple steps that make it easy for you to replace your laptop feet.

The laptop rubber feet are made of specific models which is most likely the case if you are using laptop models outside the PC laptop, but also rubber bumper pads can be used.

They come in different sizes and shapes, it is best to pick the one that fits your specific laptop perfectly.

Laptop Feet Replacement

Number One Step Includes The “Lower Case”

This involves removing the screws which are in different sizes, they are usually ten in number with three of size 14.4mm, and the rest of 3.5mm size.

When replacing these screws place them in alignment perpendicularly to the small curvature of the case.

Step Two

Place four of your fingers in between the lowercase and the body of the laptop e.g. MacBook near the vent to detach the lowercase from the body. Then proceed to remove the lower case.

Step Three “Feet”

Remove all the damaged and broken feet. Remove all pieces from the broken or old foot that might have remained in the foothole.

Using tweezers remove and peel out any old adhesive tape previously used on that footpad.

Step Four

Use adhesive remover to scrub the footpad to remove all remaining adhesive.

Step Five

Use an alcohol prep pad to wipe the footpad, then use this also to remove whatever residue is left by the cleaner.

Step Six

Peel the replacement foot from the plastic backing.

Step Seven

Place the new foot in alignment with its spot inside the footpad. Make sure the nub that is to be aligned on the footpad is lined up directly with the small hole that is near its perimeter to the pad.

Lie the footpad down while trying to keep it properly aligned.

Check if the footpad is properly aligned with its foothole from inside the lowercase. Using tweezers, slide the alignment nub into the hole so it lines up.

Step Eight

Use your index finger to press the newly placed foot down firmly, and maintain this pressure for about 30 seconds to set the pressure for sensitive adhesive. When doing this, support the other side of your laptop cover. 

For damaged or broken feet repeat the last six steps. The bumper specialties replacement feet for laptops are very easy to apply and they are firm. Peel them off like stickers and place them in the foot hole at the bottom of your laptop i.e. in the lower case, no glues or screws are required for this procedure.

How to Change Your Laptop Feet

Method 1

Score the internal plug of your laptop, then remove the plug of the laptop using a guitar pick, after removing this plug. Push out the foot of the plug with a screwdriver or spudger.

The contact adhesive used in replacing the plug feet usually comes in a spray can, although this is not used often, it is better to brush some of that spray on the feet and also on the laptop to allow it to tack up together.

Once you see it feels tacky but not wet, you should put your feet on it.

Yes, of course, you can replace your laptop feet by placing your laptop on a non-rough surface sideways and using a driver or a flexible screwdriver, which usually comes with the wheel kit or feet.

Place this screwdriver on or through the access opening and try to unscrew the wheel or the foot. When doing this, hold the wheel or the foot of the laptop in place as you unscrew it.

Method 2

In other options, you can also glue it back to the laptop using silicone adhesive.

However, using superglue is not one of the best ideas or adhesives that should be used to fit back into the metal cases because the laptop case is made of aluminum.

Regular superglue is brittle and does not work very well when using flexible materials, and it has a low shear strength.

But you can also make this work by leaving the glue to stay in for 4 hours after applying it evenly to the contact surface and cover of the rubber, by allowing it to sit on the table and dry, this causes the laptop to apply its pressure on the feet and make it firmer.


Laptop feet replacement is a maintenance service that must be carried out, and scheduled at intervals.

The main purpose of this maintenance is to keep your laptop running smoothly for a long time, and the laptop feet are very effective in their function.

You should be able to follow our simplified step-by-step guide to help change your feet when it’s due.

Any further issues on this should be communicated to us.

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