pc vs console gaming

PC vs Console Gaming


If you ask any gamer their preferences regarding PC vs console gaming, you will get a plethora of answers as to why one is much better than its competition.

Unfortunately, over the years, the interest of gamers tends to shift back and forth between these two, and we can’t determine the most preferred option.

The PC vs Console gaming debate has been on for quite a long time now, but we are going to settle this debate in this article.

Then, we will discuss the nitty-gritty of the gaming PC and console and, in the end, give you a new perspective on this whole argument.

PC vs Console gaming

Before we go in deep, we have to talk about the distinguishing factors between these two devices.

Common consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox are popularly used for gaming, and they can also display multimedia content from the inbuilt applications.

You should be able to route these services via your console with a subscription or cable. 

The PC, on the other hand, can be used for a lot of purposes, like programming, graphic design, editing, blogging, internet surfing, and a lot of other kinds of stuff.

With powerful hardware installed on your computer, you can use your PC for gaming.

Let’s dive into the basic facts of the consoles and PCs.


If you are a casual gamer, you won’t need a super high gaming system.

Instead, a gaming PC with a RAM of 8GB, Intel quad-core, and full HD resolution should be able to handle your needs at an affordable price compared to getting a console.

Some authorities have estimated that these specs are okay for a lot of users. 

For those hardcore gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience, you might need to have a huge budget.

You can buy some basic parts for as low as 400 dollars, but if you want to go for the high-end ones, you might have to spend as high as $2000, or even higher. 

The graphics card can even cost more than the laptop itself. 

The price difference between these two machines is unparalleled.

But, of course, PCs might cost far more than consoles, depending on the specs. 


You might want to know how long a PC or gaming console will last and how long it will remain relevant.

It’s no secret that consoles are very durable.

They are also super easy to troubleshoot and can remain functional for years, up to a decade.

But that depends on your maintenance culture, of course, and how frequently you use them. Also, on how relevant they are, old consoles tend to go out of style once a newer version is released. 

You might not be able to find recent video games for those old consoles, and everyone, including publishers, starts focusing on games for the newest versions.

Although manufacturers are still working on backward compatibility, you can play old games on recent consoles.

PCs can also function for a very long time, but their hardware components will reduce performance and make the system quite ineffective.

For those laptops that take graphics to the next level and have a high speed, VRAM, and also run games at the highest settings level.

You might begin to experience a reduction in quality little by little but might not become significant until after some years.

However, you can also upgrade for upgradeable PCs, changing parts for higher ones to keep your laptop still relevant and useful.  

Ease of use

Edge consoles have over personal computers is how easy it is to use them.

When you’ve purchased a console, you can take it out from its box, plug it in, and begin to play your games immediately. It’s as simple as that. 

The interface of a console is very easy to understand.

So even if you are new to consoles, you won’t have a hard time figuring out how to operate them.

You can also resolve technical issues very easily, and there are also several resources available online from the console manufacturers if you need any help with troubleshooting. 

Compared to gaming consoles, PCs need more understanding and technical know-how, especially when you encounter issues or decide to construct your personal gaming computer.

For example, you need to worry about whether your motherboard and CPU are compatible.

What kind of graphics card should you get? What is the right amount of power supply needed to play your games?

You have to think about all these instead of getting a console. 

If you decide to purchase a PC, game configuring, troubleshooting, and maintenance are something you must go through.

Luckily, several guides and other resources are online that can help you do all these with ease.


If you want to devote your money and time to buying a gaming device, first, you will have to know how the device performs.

Once you’ve been able to ascertain the performance status, you can go ahead and buy your system.

When it concerns gaming, consoles are seen as lesser than PCs, at least to most users.

This doesn’t mean that consoles have poor performance or don’t have a good gaming output.

But right from time, PCs have always topped consoles in technological growth. 

Most users even say that PCs have better graphics output and quality than consoles. 

When talking about specs, you can compare an average gaming personal computer to the latest consoles.

However, when it concerns high-end gaming computers, you will notice a significant uptick in the performance level.

These personal computers can operate at 4k resolution from 60 fps to 100 fps; that’s almost double what the consoles can offer. 

Also, the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), Hard Drive Storage, and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for high-grade computers are much higher than the most recent consoles. But it is also very expensive. 


PCs have a better advantage than consoles when talking about flexibility; even if you decide to build your computer, you can’t measure the amount of control and flexibility. 

If there’s a faulty part, or you plan on swapping your hardware components for higher ones, you can do that easily.

There are some parts in other computers you can salvage, like the power supplies and hard drives, and utilize them to upgrade your new personal computer.

This will require technical knowledge of the various components that are interconnected with each other.

Unfortunately, this can’t also be attributed to consoles. With consoles, what you see is exactly what you are going to get.

You can do any manual upgrades. Whatever specifications the manufacturer chooses, that’s what you are going to stick to.

This goes for Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and other developers.

You can also access more controller options with the PCs, and you have the mice, joysticks, controllers, gamepads, and much more.

But for consoles, you have the controller which the developers have designed for you. 

Game Modifications

There are modified games for PCs. Mods are games that have modified gameplay and graphics.

This system introduces a unique element to your gaming experience. Most of the recent and popular games started from mods.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to find mods in consoles unless you’ve successfully hacked the console.

This is because consoles are closed systems, but personal computers are open computers.

Gaming Options

Personal computers are adaptive, and you are exposed to several gaming options.

In addition, they have a more flexible option than the console.

You can have access to many games, and some recent video game titles can be gotten at $40 on Steam.

Steam always has the best deals on site-wide and game sales, and it is one of the several online gaming market stores.

Consoles are quite limited to certain functions when it concerns gaming options.

For example, there are about 1,100 Xbox 1 games, and you can also find the same amount of games for the PlayStation 4 console.

But this is somehow at an advantage, that’s if you look at it this way.

You will have a few games to play, but you can’t play exclusive games with other consoles. 

For instance, the PlayStation 4 has God of War, Bourne Conspiracy, Uncharted, and much more. Xbox One has Forza, Gears of War, and others.

These games are really interesting to a whole lot of gamers.

Gaming PC Vs PS5

In certain instances, the PS 5 console specs cannot be compared to your personal computers because the majority of the users will possess the different components.

However, the PS 5’s performance has been ascertained to be of high value, with it being so hard to get the same 4k results from your personal computer at that same price. 

Although disregarding the 4k display, you might still be able to get a computer with other similar specifications if you have a tight budget.

However, the PC gamer has more advantages of not being FPS crowned on all the video games.

So when their computer exceeds 120 FPS in the Warzone game, for instance, the PC gamer benefits more than the console gamer. 

The PS 5 specifications are stated at 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU clocked at 3.5GHz, AMD RDNA 2 GPU, 825GB solid-state drive, 4K Blu-ray, and 16GB GDDR6 RAM.

We know that many people are concerned about the level of graphics quality when comparing PCs versus gaming consoles.

Therefore, the graphics card standard between these two machines is of utmost importance for most users.

However, other users still ask about the performance expectations of the PS 5 system. 

With the PS 5 specifications, you can run some games in 4k with 30 FBS and ray tracing, but the 30 FPS isn’t constant.

4K gaming on your PS 5 console is capped at 60 FBS but without ray tracing.

You have access to a lot of games in 1080 pixels that can be displayed at 120 FBS.

The PS 5 console is capable of rendering your games at 8k, and it also supports VR. 

The PlayStation 5 consoles are much less expensive than a nice gaming computer.

If you do not plan to spend so much on gaming, you should go for the PlayStation 5.

You will enjoy better performance than your previous PlayStation consoles and better gaming graphics.

The price for the PS 5 varies from country to country, the standard edition should be around 500 dollars, and the digital edition should cost about 400 dollars in the United States.

You might buy it at a much higher price in other countries.

Buying a powerful personal computer is very expensive, and even if you build it yourself, it’s still going to cost you a lot.

But you can get a low-end PC for $500. Middle-range computers are valued between $500 to $1200. To get a high-end PC, you will have to spend at least $1200. 

Comfortability might be a differentiating factor between these two.

Of course, you can sit on your couch in front of your big TV screen and play your best games with your friends in the utmost comfort.

But, as opposed to sitting alone in front of the desktop, you can do a lot more than just gaming with a gaming PC. 

It all streamlines down to what you enjoy as a gamer.

For example, suppose you need flawless gameplay while running your games at the highest gaming settings.

In that case, you have to go for a very powerful gaming computer with a high graphics card and dedicated video memory.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series has made the 4k gaming a lot easier, but you might have to bring out quite a lot of cash to arm your laptop with one. 


Which is the best for a beginner, gaming console or PC?

It comes down to individual preference. However, the gaming console will be probably best for newcomers who want to dive into the gaming world. Consoles are perfect for casual gamers, whether you are using any previous or recent generations of gaming consoles. 
Newbies might want to go easy at first if you are starting up, and game consoles let you do that, as they are more affordable than gaming PCs. You might find a basic PC impressive, but soon enough, you will be craving for a high-grade personal computer, and that will cost you.

What can I do with the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 is a gaming console, and the major thing you can do with it is play games. But that is not the only thing it does. You can watch Netflix, stream videos on YouTube, browse the net, watch Twitch, play Blu-Ray films, and listen to Spotify. So even if the PlayStation 5 is made to be a gaming console, you still have a lot of other entertainment options to keep you fully entertained.

Is getting a gaming personal computer worth it?

Most users are still contemplating either getting the gaming console or the PC. A gaming PC is a good investment; you don’t have to use it for playing games. There are a lot of other things you can use your gaming PCs for, just like your normal computers. You can either buy a brand new computer or assemble your computer with the necessary parts, which can also reduce the cost. Unlike your game console, a gaming PC has an extensive gaming library with top-notch graphics and gives an amazing overall gaming experience.

Can the PS5 run on Windows?

You cannot run Windows on your PlayStation 5. They are made to operate on the Xbox 1, Xbox 1 S, and Xbox 1 X. The Windows operating system is user-friendly and super easy to navigate. Installing a Windows OS on your PlayStation is a waste of time; the drivers won’t be compatible at all. Also, it won’t work on the PS5 or any lower versions.

Is PC or PlayStation better for gaming?

Both PCs and consoles have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people might rule that gaming PCs win the battle, while others might have a different opinion. The consoles are easy to set up, they don’t need any upgrades, consoles are affordable, and they let you compete with other players at different locations. Its wireless controllers are also making the experience even better, but the gaming PCs are also good for gaming.


You’ve now been educated on the basic differences and similarities between a gaming console and your personal gaming computer.

You have to choose the one you prefer the most, as you now know that you get the best experience either with a gaming PC or console.

At the moment, consoles seem to be the most preferred gaming option, and that can be because of their affordable prices and the number of individual preferences.

However, you can still go for the gaming PC if you have the money.

Whichever option you decide to choose, you aren’t at a loss. Have a great game time!

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