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10 Ways to Fix Red Pixels on Monitor


Have you seen different colored dots on your monitor’s screen?

If yes, then you are having a pixel problem on your monitor and you need to fix it for a better experience as these pixels can frustrate you when using your computer.

Pixels can be dead or just stuck. The stuck pixels can be red, green, blue, or cyan pixels.

If you have verified and confirmed that your pixel is a dead one, you may have to get another screen if it bugs you too much.

You can fix stuck pixels in different ways and methods which will be discussed extensively.

There are numerous reasons why you can have red pixels on your monitor and these may include low power supply, faulty cables, and driver problems.

10 ways to fix RED Pixels

Pixels on screen can be disturbing and frustrating if left for a long time.

There are different ways by which you could fix red pixels on your LCD screen and these include the following:

Dead, Stuck, or Hot Pixels?

The first step involved in fixing red pixels on your LCD screen is to first confirm whether the pixels are dead or stuck.

If the pixels are dead, they are permanent and there is nothing you can do about it except to change the entire screen.

Hot pixels also appear brighter than they should. Check if they are not pixels.

If the display issues only show different colors aside from the white and black colors, then they are stuck pixels and you can fix them.

White pixels are called hot pixels while the black pixels are often known as weird pixels because no matter how you try to make them go away, they won’t.

You can also have artifacts on dark pixels.

Once you realize that the pixel is not a dead one, then you should create a good amount of flash windows and click on the start button.

You can bring down the little flashy windows to the spot where you detected the odd pixels.

Check Your Cable Connections For Issues

Most times pixels appear due to wrong cable connections.

Check your cable connections by removing all the cables and doing a thorough cleaning, then plug the cables and reinstall.

If your cable is HDMI, you may need to change the entire port and install it back.

Fixing cable connection problems helps to correct bad and faulty pixels on your screen. 

Be Patient

If you realize what you are dealing with is a stuck pixel, then you should wait for some time because these pixels only get stuck and they can unstuck themselves after a few minutes.

So, wait and see if they will go away with time.


There are different software designed to help you fix these bad pixels. Read their features to know which one can help you fix the faulty pixels. 

Follow the instructions on the software, and also test run your LCD or external monitor using the basic color pixel pallets to be sure if your pixels are dead or stuck pixels also will help you to know where the problem lies.

Safe Mode

You can also put your monitor in safe mode to help you check which apps are causing the display issues.

The essence of powering your monitor in safe mode is to check why the window is not running as it should and fix the problems accordingly.

Replace Your Cable 

Since faulty pixels are often due to cable problems, then you need to replace your cables for the red pixels to go away.

But first, inspect your system so you can be certain of the cause. Weird pixels are due to cable problems. 

Update Your Driver Your Display Drivers

If the bad pixels are due to faulty display drivers, then you need to check for different updates and fix them.

Check if there are updates available download new display drivers and reinstall.

Updating and reinstalling display drivers have helped many people fix their red pixels.

Change Your Power Supply

Sometimes red pixels start showing on your screen displays because of power supply issues especially when you just downloaded and installed new hardware on your LCD or external monitor.

You need to check and be sure that the problem is from the power supply.

If after verification you are sure it’s the fault of the power supply, then change the supply according to the specifications of the hardware you have installed.

Also, ensure you have a stable power supply because a limited power supply can cause red pixels to come up on your display screen.

Change the Entire Screen

You may need to change the entire screen if the pixel is a permanent one.

Permanent pixels are not like stuck pixels. Stuck pixels can simply be unstuck.

If it starts giving you issues and an unpleasant experience then you can consider replacing the entire screen at once.

Go to a Repair Technician

If you have applied all these tips and yet you keep seeing the red pixels everywhere, then it is time to see an expert who will help you fix them professionally.

Also, check if your LCD monitor is covered by warranty and they can help you fix the red pixels. 

If the pixels are not more than two, they may accept to fix them for you but if they are five and above, they may fix them for you under the warranty services.

There is a community for developers who can always help you discover the issues behind the weird pixels and fix them.


Do Pixels Go Away?

Pixels are of different colors from green, red, or blue, and can be dead or stuck. Stuck pixels appear repeatedly and can go away after a while. But that’s not the case for dead pixels, they are permanent on your screen.

What Causes Red Pixel?

A single weird pixel can change your screen mood and give you a bad viewing experience. There are different reasons why pixels can come up on your screen, from the wrong cable connection to a limited power supply.

Are Red Pixels Dead Pixels?

Red pixels are no dead pixels. Stuck pixels always have red, green, and yellow colors while the dead pixels have white or black colors.

Do Stuck Pixels Spread?

Stuck pixels are not like viruses, they do not spread all over the screen and this also goes for the dead pixels. No, stuck pixels do not spread throughout your screen.

How Do I Know If I Have Dead Pixels?

To know if you have a dead pixel, you need to run your external monitor through the basic color pallets. White and black show dead pixels.


Pixels are often manufacturers’ fault and they are of different types.

For you to get the actual repair approach, you need to be sure of the type of pixel you are dealing with.

The fixing methods listed here can be used to get rid of red pixels and some other stuck pixels on your screen.

Now you should be able to get red pixels off your laptop screen with ease using any of our fixing methods.

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