how to increase laptop volume beyond maximum

How to Increase Laptop Volume Beyond Maximum


Some laptop speakers are lightweight and small; hence they are designed with a limited volume capacity.

However, you don’t have to settle with that volume if you don’t want to; there are numerous ways you can easily increase your laptop volume beyond the maximum default setting.

Sadly, not everyone knows this, but yes, that’s true.

We will show you five effective methods to make your laptop volume much higher without buying external speakers.

Download a sound-enhancing software

Sound enhancers are powerful tools you can use to up your laptop sound. The Boom 3D sound enhancer, for example.

With this tool, you should be able to increase your sound on a Windows laptop to any extent. 

The Boom 3D has an active equalizer with several presets you can apply; you can even build your customized preset.

Creating a preset can boost your sound above the default max volume. 

Unlike most other players and programs, this software gives you a safe volume increase without harming your laptop speakers. The sound produced is clean and interference-free. 

Install Sound Booster

The quickest way to elevate your laptop volume past its maximum involves using third-party applications.

Sound Boosters are reliable software that can increase the volume of your system to higher than the default volume range. 

You can use Letasoft’s application, one of the best sound boosters available for this purpose.

This software can take your default volume up to 500%. Go to the Letasoft website to download it. Use the 14-day trial version to check out how it works.

After launching the application, click on the image icon in your taskbar, and then raise your volume to whichever level you desire.

You can also access several boosting modes via the booster’s settings menu for a more convenient experience. 

Use Windows Loudness Equalizer

To optimize the Windows Loudness Equalizer option, right-click on the volume icon usually located on the taskbar.

Select Open Sound Settings. Click on the Sound Control Panel.

Go to Speakers and choose properties, click on the Enhancements tab, and tick the Loudness Equalizer checkbox.

Apply this setting and press the OK button. 

If you can’t find your Loudness Equalizer option this way, check your manufacturer’s guide for more information.

For laptops running with Realtek audio drivers, inspect your Loudness Equalizer alternative and select a setting that will raise your laptop volume so high. 

Add a Volume Booster Extension in Google Chrome

A lot of Chrome users express concerns about Google Chrome’s low volume when listening to audio information via video, music, or social media sites like Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram.

Fortunately, resolving this issue is straightforward, and you won’t have to run any applications in your system. 

Google Chrome has a free volume booster extension that will help you increase your Chrome volume while you browse, and you can easily get it from the Google web store. Click the Add to Chrome button, and open the extension tab to activate volume-boosting. 

Adjust the volume by dragging the slider up or down with the mouse. When you want to deactivate the volume booster extension, click on Turn off

Add the VLC media Player to your system

Download the VLC media player and save the setup to your hard drive. Run the VLC setup to install the program, and then launch the VLC window. Go to Preferences on the Tools menu, or use the Ctrl + P key to open the Preferences window. 

On the Interface setting, mark the All box located at the bottom of this setting. Type in maximum volume in the search section and select Qt for advanced interface settings. Enter 300 in the maximum volume box. Click on Save to apply this setting. 

Restart your VLC software to effect the changes. Your volume bar should read up to 300%, which is far higher than the default volume of 125%. Now you can play your songs and videos at much higher sound levels. 


How do I increase the volume on my laptop past max?

You can get a high volume on your laptop by using these easy steps. Open the Control panel window. Select the Sound option shown below Hardware and Sound. Go to Speakers, and click on Properties. Then choose the Enhancement tab and select Equalizer. Increase each equalizer band to high levels. Apply and save your settings.

How can I make my volume louder than 100% Windows 10?

Right-click on the Sound Control icon on your toolbar, and click on the Open Volume Mixer option. Click on the connected audio device icon you are listening with if any. If not, ignore and select System sounds. Select the Enhancement tab and then tick the Loudness Equalization box with a one-time click.

How do I increase the volume on my Dell laptop?

Click on the laptop speaker icon at the bottom right corner of your laptop screen on the taskbar to reveal the volume control. Adjust your volume by moving the slider up and down the volume scale. To move volume sliders, you have to hold a click on the slider and drag it upwards or downwards. The volume increases as you take the slider up and decreases while going down.

What is a volume booster?

A volume booster is a device that regulates pressure, and it is controlled via a pilot pressure and not by an adjustment thread or spring-like air pressure regulator. Volume boosters can be referred to as pilot-operated regulators. Four components make up the volume booster circuit; signal pressure, exhaust, supply pressure, and regulated pressure. The primary function of a volume booster is to give large regulated pressure at a specified signal pressure.

Why is Netflix so quiet on my laptop?

You can get a higher volume level by activating your Loudness Equalization box in your sound panel. Ensure to disable all other sound effects but the Loudness Equalization option.

Why does Windows change my mic volume?

Laptop users complain of the alteration of their microphone volume levels on Windows 10. The reason for this is because of their sound settings. When you allow an application to take control of your microphone, it will automatically alter your mic volume. Corrupted or faulty microphones can also cause this issue.


These are the simple ways to turn up your laptop volume beyond the maximum and enjoy loud sounds from your laptop speaker.

Ensure you apply these settings correctly to get better audio enhancements and avoid further complications.

Stay with us for more related articles to get more insights on the latest technology.

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