are laptop cooling pads worth it

Are Laptop Cooling Pads worth it


It’s common for most electronics to generate heat, some at a higher rate than others, depending on their operations, and as this heat is formed, it has to be transferred away from these systems to maintain its durability and functionality.

That’s why most electronic systems are designed with unique cooling mechanisms, like the cooling fans in your laptop, but sometimes these mechanisms aren’t effective enough to properly cool our laptop systems.

You might have noticed this when running heavy applications, games, or design software, for instance. 

When your laptop gets hotter than necessary, you can’t rely on your cooling fans to help with the heat, and that’s when a laptop cooling pad comes in handy.

These pads are affordable, and they come with fantastic features that can boost your laptop’s efficiency. 

Some quality cooling pads include Kim Cool, TeckNet N8, Tree New Bee, Kootek Chill Mat, and Thermaltake Massive RGB laptop cooling pad.

Here’s our article on the best laptop cooling pads. 

How do laptop cooling pads operate?

Cooling pads can be used for all laptops. However, some laptops are manufactured with extra cooling systems, ROG GX700, for example. It’s best to only use cooling pads for laptops with overheating problems.

Now, these pads come in two types, active and passive cooling pads.

The active coolers use fans to give optimal airflow. This additional airflow helps to exhaust the heat from the system.

You can have up to six cooling fans in a single active cooler.

Some of these pads support power adapter usage and also draw power from the laptop via a USB port connection.

Also, most of this cooler pad are made with a USB hub, so they don’t limit the available USB ports on your laptop. 

Active cooling pads can draw heat from the laptop’s bottom or blow air into the system.

You can automatically adjust the fan speed within the designed range, but not all pads have adjustable speeds.

Passive cooling pads do not require power to function; they are loaded with an organic salt compound that enables them to absorb heat effectively.

They give up to eight hours of effective cooling. A passive laptop cooler will help give the built-in cooling fans better airflow by elevating the laptop’s height.

It is an excellent heat conductor just like the CPU heat sink, the pads absorb the laptop’s heat and expel it.

However, they are unsuitable for laptops whose fan vents are designed at the laptop’s bottom, as the pad will block the vents and cause overheating issues. 

Active cooling pads are a more affordable cooler, but they have louder fan noise and need more power to function. 

Do laptop cooling pads really work?

Laptop cooling pads are very effective.

With these pads, you are sure of not dealing with overheating issues while running high graphics applications or software that are hardware intensive.

Cooling pads are capable of dropping your laptop’s temperature to a moderate extent, at least by an average of 14 degrees.

Other pads can give a temperature drop of up to 30 degrees. 

These pads have undergone a lot of testing, and will always keep the laptop’s temperature down.

The specification and type of cooling pad you purchase ultimately determine the result. 

Who needs a laptop cooling pad?

How expensive your laptop costs does not guarantee it would elude heating issues.

You may not struggle with this at first, but you might start dealing with excessive heat with time, especially for those who have to work with heavy applications.

The latest gaming laptops are also prone to this effect.

When your laptop is placed on the bed or operated on your lap, it will restrict the airflow and hinder heat dissipation.

You might notice your laptop’s slow performance.

In addition, this heat is not good for your skin. If you are affiliated with that attitude, you should get a cooling pad. 

Beware that some laptop cooling pads are made to be placed on hard surfaces, so if you must put it on your lap, it’s best to get a comfortable one.

Cooling pads increase your laptop’s efficiency. It keeps the system at a cool temperature, which enables it to function properly. 

Anyone who deals with laptop overheating issues needs a cooling pad.

As you know, these issues can create more problems and might eventually damage your system.

Are cooling pads worth it?

Most laptops heat up quickly nowadays, and that can be directed to the use of hardware-intensive applications.

Hence, the laptop gets hot after a while due to the RAM and CPU’s high heat generation.

This heat has to be expelled from the system to keep it running optimally. 

The in-built cooling systems of these laptops are not capable of exhausting the excess heat.

For that reason, you need to employ the use of cooling pads.

These pads are designed to help laptops with ineffective cooling systems by giving that extra cooling effect. 

Cooling pads also allow you to enjoy your laptop even more.

With them, you can put your laptop on the mattress, on your lap, or the couch; it won’t affect you anymore.

You can now also run any heavy application without heating problems. So yes, cooling pads are worth it. 


Do laptop cooling pads make a difference?

From several tests conducted, the results prove that cooling pads do make a difference. These pads are efficient and can help you maintain a cool system temperature, even when running heavy programs. In laptop systems, a low temperature equals high performance and durability.

Do cooling pads extend laptop life?

Electronics are prone to heat, and for these systems to function optimally, they need to be kept at a moderate temperature. When they overheat, it leads to system malfunction, which signifies that the system is wearing out. If ignored, the heat starts damaging vital hardware in the system. In the case of a laptop, it will destroy the CPU, RAM, or graphics card, reducing the system’s durability. 
This makes the cooling pads relevant, they help keep the laptop at optimal temperature, protecting all hardware in the system from excess heat, and these increase the lifespan of your laptop. With the laptop cooling pads, you will be able to work on your system for long hours.

What is the lifespan of a laptop fan?

A laptop fan is estimated to have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. Yes, it’s true. Fifty thousand hours should be about 5 years and seven months. This explains why you hardly change your inbuilt fan. Most fans can last a lifetime depending on how well the system is managed. Of course, if you fail to manage your laptop properly, it will deteriorate faster.

What temperature is too hot for a laptop?

A reading below 70 degrees is acceptable, but anything higher than that spells trouble. At a higher temperature, your GPU and CPU might begin to throttle, especially when the system’s temperature rises above 90 degrees.
If you record any temperature reading higher than 110 or at negative levels, it’s a wrong value. You have to check your heat sensor; it’s most likely damaged. A temperature spike each time you experience issues might be the fault of the heat.

Do thin laptops overheat?

Slimmer laptops are more difficult to cool than larger laptops, but it doesn’t prove that they will be hotter. The manufacturers exercise measures to help prevent that in thinner laptops by using ultra-low voltage processors. 
These processors have little effect on the laptop performance and are most times not noticed by its users, but the ultra-low voltage chips operate much cooler and have longer battery life. 
Although there are certain compromises its users will have to endure. You will have to let go of a CD or DVD drive, some ports, and probably a card reader slot to get a cool system. You might also have to accept a low-inch screen. However, if you still experience overheating, then you can use a cooling pad.


Cooling pads are a safe, effective, and affordable solution to get rid of laptop overheating issues.

You shouldn’t have a problem getting them; they are available in most online and brick stores.

If you aren’t convinced about the cooling pads and still need some explanations, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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